Evening AK hours for the fall?

Are the late AK hours/new shows,etc. likely to continue into the fall, and Disney just hasn’t announced the new hours and show times yet, or are they not continuing into the fall?

Will be there the first week in November, and I’m trying to figure out our game plan.


I think the late hours are here to stay, although how late may vary as night time arrives earlier in November than now by several hours. I’d guess AK will settle into an 8-9 PM close during “off season” similar to HS or Epcot during that time of year. There will be some night time show when you’re there, but it will likely be River of Lights rather than Jungle Book, which is likely a good thing as I haven’t exactly heard rave reviews on the temporary Jungle Book show so far. The Tree of Life show should remain the same & I’ve heard good things about that one…

Agree with the above. I think Labor Day is the new “target” for the RoL launch. I think the deciding factor on closing times will be how many RoL shows they plan on having, how early the first can start, and how much time they will need between shows to recycle.

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Thank you! That’s sort of what I thought, but with the hours remaining unchanged on the WDW online calendar, I was starting to think that maybe I was mistaken and these were just summer offerings.

I’ll keep an eye out for AK updated fall hours and shows.

Ill be down there that same week and I am planning on the park closing later, at least 8pm. The time change doesn’t occur until Nov 6th, so that could have an effect on the closing time too. Just to add another layer.

I heard from a CM that ROL is having major technical and design issues. So bad that its original form may have to be strapped all together for a complete redesign. They seemed to think even December was too optimistic for a open date.

Oh, wow! I had completely forgotten about the time change! Thanks for the reminder!!

That’s too bad. I’ll keep that in mind too, as I plan.

CMs are typically poor sources of info for anything that exceeds their specific job. Word on the “insider” forums is that there are navigational issues on the barges, but they are working literally 24/7 to solve them and it should be running by Labor Day. There is some talk of possibly as early as 4th of July, but that is probably overly optimistic. The JB show is costing them a fortune with the size of the cast, and they want to get RoL up and running as soon as possible.

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I do hope they soon solve whatever issue they’re having. That’s got to be frustrating and stressful for everyone involved.

I cannot remember what podcast it was (maybe E Ticket Report?) but they were explaining there is something in Shanghai that was successful on a new engineering system and they were shipping that system that would then need to be programmed? Sounds like it would take a while but they had the technology to address the issue.

I know I should be able to explain this better!