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This will be our first visit with my parents in EVC can anyone give me any advice. My mom expectably just can’t do it any more she can’t walk from the back of Walmart to her car without being winded. They both have a heart condition and my mom has copd along with other problems. So we are renting them both EVC from apple scooters so they can enjoy the park with my family any and all advice is greatly helpful anything from charging to parking the car and parking the EVC to well anything would be great we have no experience with this so any help would be great. Let me give you a quick rundown of our trip. We will be checking in the Stanford Inn on September 22nd then in the park the 23rd,24th,and 25th we are buying parking passes for both cars (in advance I just like to have as much paid for in advance as possible). our party is myself my wife my 2 kids and my mom and dad. The scooters will be delivered on the 23rd at 8:00 am if there is anything else you need to know please just ask I need as much help as I can get I don’t like being unprepared and this trip I am crossing in to a new zone for me and I fell unready.

My dad has used an EVC since 2010 for our last 4 trips with him. We like to get the scooter the night before so we are up and ready to go with no hold ups on park day. It is worth the extra money. We rented from Apple 1 time but he prefers Walker Mobility. You will want to have them give your parents a quick demo and if they are not used to using an EVC at home, it helps to have them use one at their local Wal-Mart before the trip or another local grocery store. Have them always use the scooter in low speed in crowds. They have quick triggers and will move fast in the upper settings. It helps also having others in the party to assist with traffic control when they need to back out from places. :smile:

My dad can park and transfer for short distances so he tries to do that when he can but most attractions accommodate the scooters either all the way through the attraction or up to the loading area. Be sure to fully charge the scooters all night to get a good charge. The lower setting also helps to conserve the battery life. We have never ran out of power but be aware the EPCOT can be a huge scooter battery hog due to its enormous layout. We take the ferry when we can to go across to World Showcase. There are places to recharge at guest services if something would happen or you can always find an outlet at the different attractions too. But again, we have never had an issue and we do tour all day. You will have to tour a little slower when scooters are in the group. Take your time and you all will be fine. Have a great trip. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Use the monorail elevator not the ramps. The ramps are too steep for novice riders and they will think they are going to slide.

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Great point Elaine. The scooters also use lots of batter juice on those ramps. Elevator is better.

-Depending on the size of the hotel room and what furniture is in there it helps to have them remove a small table or extra chairs you don’t need so you can turn the scooter around easily and park it out of the way. They usually don’t mind doing so since it means you won’t be running into and denting or marking up their furniture!

-Bring a hand towel to leave on the seat while you’re on a ride. The seats are usually black and can get very hot in the sun.

-Bring a piece of ribbon or luggage tag to attach to the handle bars so that if you leave it parked outside a ride and come back you know which one is yours in case others have parked next to you.

Hola @alb2277, I’m sorry to highjack your thread, but how can you pre-pay parking???

no problem you can buy them straight off the Disneyland.com under tickets

Thank you!!!