Evaluate not working for MNSSHP

I reviewed the plan for this issue. It was due to Jungle Cruise closing at 6pm and being placed in the TP for a time after that. Check your plan for rides that will not be operating during the party.

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The issue I keep having is that it keeps taking MVMCP OFF and adding EMH ON. We plan to arrive at 4 (as allowed with the ticketed events) and leave at 12 am. I thought the 4pm might be the issue, but when I changed it to the party start time, it still took MVMCP off and added EMH on.

Similar checklist:

  • did you tick the box that you had tickets?
  • do you have the right day?
  • do you have 4pm to 12am?

Does it add evening or morning EMH? That seems odd, which is why I suggest double checking the day.

Again, could you publish the plan?

Do you want to publish it so I can review?


yes- but it changes it

It adds morning EMH.


To make it viewable plan, you have to click on the View & Print button. It will take you to the print screen. Cancel printing, but copy & paste that link. You’ll notice the difference between the link you posted and the one I did.

[https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3857455&print_now=true ]

EDIT – @tinalchambers I posted this about 2 hrs ago. I haven’t heard back & I’m a bit tired tonight. If you edit your link I’ll have plenty of time in the morning. :grinning::sleeping:

Sorry about that. Got busy & forgot to come back to this. Oddly, when I hit view and print it all comes up correctly, but on optimize it doesn’t show it right. I’m totally new here, so, I apologize for doing things wrong.


You’ll see at the top of the plan it still adds morning EMH and no MVMCP, but the times do work now.

I’m lost. haha.

No worries! Real life happens. I have plenty of time today to look at it. :grinning:

@tinalchambers - I don’t know why you are having issues. I recreated your plan with all your criteria with no issues.


I’d suggest scrapping your current TP and rebuilding it. Maybe there is something you’ve selected that isn’t correct? (Or you can print out my recreation) :wink:

@tinalchambers BTW - Are you not attending any MVMCP parades or shows?

I just recreated it and I got the same thing.

I plan to attend some of it, but as I am new at this, didn’t even see the tab for parades, etc til now. LOL.
I am unfamiliar with which parade is which, is there somewhere to locate this info?

Last minute trip, obviously, so I was trying to use TP to help me figure things out (it’s my 3rd trip to Disney, but first to MVMCP/the parks during the holidays).

@tinalchambers Do you want to direct message me? If you have time now I can walk you through all the steps to creating a plan.This way we don’t fill this thread.(Click on my screen name to open the “Message” option)

Here’s a link to all the happenings at MVMCP, including the parades & shows