Evaluate not working for MNSSHP

Hi, I built a touring plan for 27 Sep 19 for MNSSHP, starting at 4PM and included in the plan details that I will be using a hard ticket to MNSSHP. I dragged / dropped the steps in the order I’d like to do / see them. However, when I hit Evaluate, the plan will only evaluate those steps that occur before 7PM, even though I did include in my plan that I have a hard ticket for the party. Anything after 7PM says “N/A.” I can Optimize the plan, but I don’t want the computer overlords to put rides I want to ride after dark earlier in the plan during daylight. Help and thanks.

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Would you mind “publishing” the plan / making it viewable? It’s hard to see what may be happening just from a description.

Did you make sure end time was 12 am?

Hi, I published my plan and confirmed it ends at 12 am. Thanks!

You now need to put the URL into a post so we can click on it to view it. :slight_smile:

Did you make sure to tick the box that indicates you have tickets for MNSSHP?

I’m having the same issue trying to add MVMCP to my plans. I’ve tried about 12 times with no luck.

Oops, can you tell I’m new here? haha. Here is the URL for the plan: https://touringplans.com/plans/3855913

Yep, and I double checked to make sure it is selected… it is.

The plan isn’t viewable.
There’s a box you need to tick to publish it.

And then you should get a message at the top of it saying “This plan is published. Share this link” and the url underneath.


Try that one!


Why is it trying to tell you the parades & shows are at 2pm?? Have you selected you preferred show times. This is odd…

Have tried just scraping this plan and rebuilding it to see if that works?

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I would try just copying it to another version (add “2” to the name) and try evaluating again firstly.

Have you tried re-evaluating it?

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@darkmite2, no, i haven’t selected preferred show times. @Nicky_S, yes, I’ve tried to re-evaluate several times, all w/ the same results. I will try to delete and rebuild the plan, but it looks like someone else posted above w/ the same problem. Hmm. I have been using this app for 3+ years and have never run into anything like this, to include using it for MNSSHP in 2016. Perplexing.

I’m in the middle of evaluating another plan ATM. If I get that done ASAP, I’ll try to recreate yours and see what happens. :smiley:

Thanks! I’ll wait to delete it, then.

OK, then your best bet is to e-mail webmaster@touringplans.com explaining the issue and including the plan URL. They are pretty quick at getting back to people about these sorts of things.

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Thanks @brklinck, I did just that. Fingers crossed.

I think I figured it out! :smiley:

It looks like Jungle Cruise closes at 6pm. (or at least TP thinks it does - I’m pretty sure they are correct and it will close before party starts at 7pm.)

By putting it past is “Scheduled” closing time that is throwing off everything else. I was able to “optimize” a plan with all your steps.


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@darkmite2 Thanks so much!