Eval my MK TP please

For next Tuesday. We aren’t staying the whole evening because we’re going another evening for shows.

We cannot see your TP unless you “publish” it (an option under Basic Info) and give us the link that is then listed in Basic Info.

Ok here it is I think:


A couple of quick observations:

  • You have no meals, but I am assuming that is what the two breaks are for. Is 30 min for each meal enough for your crew, and are you going to be close to where you want to eat? Breaks assume that you are stopping exactly where you are at that point, whereas if you out in an actual restaurant it will include the walking to/from it.
  • You have a 37 min block of Free Time before 7DMT, so you should be able to fit in another attraction (or two). Or use it to extend your breaks.

Will you take the railroad from Dumbo to Splash? It seems as if you are going a far distance at times. The Stitch to HM step seems off to me.