EV(Electric Vehicle) Charging options at BLT

Does anyone know if there are any accessible wall outlets in the Bay Lake Tower or Contemporary parking lots, so that I can charge my car? I have heard of people being allowed to use the accessible wall outlets in the Art of Animation parking lot to charge their cars. I was just curious if there was anything like this in the BLT or Contemporary lots, like maybe on a light pole or something?

I know there’s outlets within the lobby and definitely a lot of free ones on the…3rd floor? Why are you looking for ones outside?

I need it to charge my car. I’m guessing they would not be too thrilled with someone charging their car in the lobby or third floor :wink:


bwhahahahah for some reason I thought you typoed and were just referring to an ECV and calling it a car. I actually wasn’t thinking about ACTUAL cars (still stuck in 1983 I guess.)

m’bad lol if anyone needs me, I’ll be over in the corner eating my paste. :laughing: