Etiquette for nighttime events

I am not sure about getting a fast pass for wishes or parades but was curious what is the etiquette for staking claim to a spot? Or what are so general rule of thumbs? Thanks!

I think you’ll do fine with common courtesy and a do unto others mentality @Hannah1111! Don’t cut in front of other people who were there in front of you (not even if you’re shorter than them). Don’t elbow wrestle/butt shuffle people out of a spot… Nothing new.
For prime space plan an hour ahead. For an “it’s ok, I CAN see it” view, plan for 30 minutes. Of course, higher crowds, increase the spot claiming time!

Please don’t hold iPads, or any othercameras, high than your head. Don’t put your kid on your shoulders, or stand up, at the last minute. People behind you need some time to adjust. Remember, you are in Disney World, have a magical day and ignore the people who are not as nice as you are.

If you plan to take pictures or record video of a parade or nighttime extravaganza, make sure the flash or external light is off

Tie balloons down

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