Eternals Trailer instead of One Man’s Dream

Anyone know how long this will run there?

I have no interest in watching a trailer, but would really love to see “One Man’s Dream” for only the second time I’ve ever been able to catch it. Usually a “sneak peak” is playing when I’m there. :woman_facepalming:t3:

One year, after looking through the exhibits, I tried to leave but was forced to sit through the Nutcracker trailer!!! I just wanted to exit!! The Cm Said “you exit after the sneak peak.” Aaaaarghhhh!!! (Isn’t there a chicken exit?)

I have no idea but hope it doesn’t run long! In DCA they’ve replaced Philharmagic with the Eternals trailer. I was so upset by it. :sob:

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Hopefully not long. The movie is nearing the end of its theatrical run. Fingers crossed the don’t replace it with another trailer after that. :confused:

Didn’t Eternals just release? Or am I thinking of a different movie?

Yes it did, over here at least.

It’s been out a couple of weeks. Movies don’t stay in theaters as long as they used to.

I would be so upset by this!!!

Philharmagic is an actual attraction- the movie is the whole point of it!

I feel if the execs need to push the previews to that degree they should put them on TVs in guest services queues, or in TVs at starbucks, or just the little theater on Main Street, but I’d be against that too.

Who thinks it’s fun to see an extended trailer for a movie…