ETA after Bon Voyage breakfast?

We have a 7:30 ADR at trattoria and are planning to get to HS via the boat after. What is the earliest you think we’d make it to HS? Trying to ride RR before the line gets too long.

I would walk. Too many stops on the boat, plus waiting time. 15 minutes, plus security.

I’ve not been there for breakfast but assuming 45 minutes to eat, you could be at DHS by 8:45.

Thanks for the info. Walking sounds like a better option. Just need to get my family to eat fast! Haha

I haven’t done the Bon Voyage breakfast so I’m not sure how they work it there, but most people recommend 60-90 min for a CM, if meeting all of the characters is important to you. If that’s not important, 45 min is probably OK to be seated, eat and be out (ask for your check right away) - although I allow 60 min for any TS meal. I agree that 15 min is about right for the walk, as long as it’s a walk and not a “stroll” with stops along the way. You could possibly make it in time for 0900 RD, but you’d be at the back of the crowd.