Estimated wait times - glitch?

We plan to be in the parks the week of 3/7-3/12 and are creating personalized touring plans for those days. We have used TPs for all of our previous trips are are knowledgeable about using them and something seems amiss.
For example, on our AK day our TP shows that we can ride FOP twice, Everest three times, and everything else in the park once and only wait in line 50 minutes TOTAL the entire day. No way that can be possible. MK times seem to be abnormally low as well.

I understand that park capacity is limited, but I have looked at recent actual wait times on the TP site for similar crowd level days and they definitely have not been anywhere near as low as the plans are estimating.

Anyone else seeing anything similar on their plans? We’d just like a reasonable estimate of wait times.

I’m getting strange results as well… really short wait times for the week of 3/14 for all parks except HS, which basically increased 50-90% when I refreshed my TPs today. Meanwhile the projected crowd levels are still in the 2-3 range.

Have you tried the covid plans as well and compared the two?

Just tried the COVID plan for AK. I didn’t change it at all, just optimized the exact plan as it is, and it shows a total wait time of 42 minutes for the entire day. I would love to believe that’s true, but I just don’t.

@len Any ideas?

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Hmmm. Send a link to the plan you’re working on, please. I’ll take a look.

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Thanks Len! Here is the published plan.

OK. Those times look like what we’re seeing in the parks at those times. The only one that looks a little low is Everest, which should be around 15 instead. Let me check with Steve, but I think this is a good sequence.

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FOP in 6 minutes and Safari in 3 minutes! Wow! Never could have imagined. I appreciate you checking into it.

Take advantage of the park opening early, if you can. You should be able to get through most of the big attractions in the first two or three hours the park is open.


We have always been front of the pack rope droppers. Slightly concerned about how to make that happen now that they aren’t letting cars into the parking lots early like they used it, but we will do our best. Any tips on that issue greatly appreciated!

Note: We will have our own car but are staying on site, so we have access to all transportation options.

First buses to AK started running today at 6:50 AM, so I’d consider that.


We’re testing early touring plans in DHS today, too, and Skyliner and buses all got in before cars.


This info helps tremendously! We are staying at Pop and would love to use the Skyliner when we can but had heard conflicting reports about using it at rope drop.

Thanks for all you guys do!

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Let me know what else we can help with.

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