Estimated hours

I’m wondering why the TP estimated Epcot hours jump around so much. Isn’t Epcot pretty much back to a 9:00 open? Looking ahead to the first 5 months of 2023, the estimated opening hours jump from 9:00 in January (with a few 10:00 and 11:00 thrown in there) to 11:00 in April and May.

They’ll be all over the place for a while. Disney updated my opening hours two weeks ago as soon as a week before our trip. We ended up with a 7:30 early entry.

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IIRC TP usually just copies from the year before until Disney releases their hours. Then Disney changes them several times before the actual day :grin:


Our trip is in about two weeks, and just today, there was another update to the park hours. That is Disney, not TP.

(Most of the hours changes don’t impact us much…but the Wednesday evening we planned to be there for Extra Evening Hours at MK, the time just moved from 10 pm to midnight, to 11 pm to 1 am! Yikes! 1 am? I am usually in bed by 10 pm!)

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I received an email today from TP that Disney has adjusted hours three weeks from today at MK and AK.

Same here on our last trip. Staying till 11:00 was going to be a stretch, and then they changed the hours, closing at 11:00, EEH till 1:00. That is just too late for us!

I didn’t realize TP just used last years hours and then updated when Disney released official hours. I guess that makes sense.
I hope they never return to 11:00 opening time at Epcot. We like to do early entry and are ready to leave the park shortly after Noon!