ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

We are going with park hoppers and water park fun and more options for the first time. What is there to do at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex? I know there are ball fields, but I will have a 6 and 4 year old that love sports, but won’t be too interested in just looking at fields.

Any info on Disney Quest? Does that admission include free games or you pay for each game once you get in? Just wondering! Thanks so much!

Unless you are attending a specific event, there is nothing to do/see at the ESPN Complex. I’ve never been to DQ, but my understanding is that all of the games are “free” once you’ve paid the admission to get in.

All of the interactive games at DQ are included with admission. it’s fun if you enjoy games. There are (or were) some older coin op ticket machines that were not included, although it’s been 15 years since i was there so that may have changed. There are a few other addon’s like Cid’s Create A Toy that are available at an extra fee. The vast majority of things were included though.