Equity Ben Officially Retires

I love his family-first attitude, and support his decision, but :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


“I will not be returning to Disney full time.”

Is there hope?


I suspect he has become so used to being with his daughter full time that he can’t imagine going back right now. But who knows the future? He streams stuff on Instagram, so maybe that is what he will focus on for a while.


Maybe once she’s back in school full time he will consider a few shows a week.

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Oh no! Seeing him was a specific must-do for our trip (that was originally March 2020, then June 2020, then October 2020, and now…maybe 2021?).


Oh man.

This one hits HARD!!


Same. I saw him in January during a solo trip, and was SO looking forward to the family seeing him perform in April, then May, then August, September, October, November (how many trips have I cancelled? I lost track…). But, I’m optimistic that “new” magic will come in to fill these voids at some point.

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I was lucky enough to catch him in one show in March. I am so happy for him to be able to spend more time with his family but the sing along won’t be the same without him. I was looking forward to hearing any new jokes he would have come up with after being away so long. He is going to be missed.

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Oh man this was on my cancelled April to do list. Bummer.

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Oh, I was hoping he’d be there in October. :frowning:

what’s his Instagram? I did a search and got too many results!