Epoct 2 day plan thoughts

Does this seem feasible for a 2 day plan?
None of the FP are booked but this seems the easiest way to avoid walking all over Epcot, of course Frozen seems to be our 1 main ride so either day I can get it is going to work.

Day 1 June 7:
Soarin 9-9:30
Living on the Land 10-10:30
FP Seas w/Nemo, Tanks exhibits 10:00-11:00
FP Spaceship Earth 11-12pm
FP Frozen 12-1pm (Test Track as alternate)
Akerhaus Lunch 1:30 res-3pm
Meet Anna and Elsa 3-3:30
Test Track 3:30-4:30
Mission Space 4-5pm
5pm-whenever Free time

Day 2
June 10
Journey in Imagination
9:30-10 FP Test track (Alternate Day for Frozen if needed)
Tour World Showcase
6:00 1900 Park Fare Res
9:00 Electric Water Pagent

On day 2, Rope Drop Soarin again. You’ll walk onto Figment if you want to do it. No need to rope drop it. It’s worth the walking. I’d RD Soarin, then go to your FP for Test Track, then do Figment if you have nothing else planned for FW. No disrespect, but I don’t see any reason for Figment at all. I think it has a note of nostalgia for some, but I’m just not a fan at all. The jumping fountains outside of Figment are a better use of that time, imo. There’s some fun stuff in the area after you get off of the Figment attraction, too. - Just an opinion.

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Ah good idea RD Soarin , just figured to include it sometime since I have no idea if DD8 will want to check it out. The only downfall to keeping the trip a suprise I guess. I can only go by what she says she likes in commercials and the planning DVD we get every year.

We had a FPP for spaceship earth at 10am, arrived 10:50, and had done Soarin, LWTL, Figment, 10 mins playing afterwards, Nemo, 10 mins admiring the tank, and Crush beforehand. We did arrive about 7:45am for a 9am opening, it was CL6. My TP didn’t include Figment or the tank but we had time to fit them in.

Make sure you orange team mission space. Green team is lame. Orange team is the jam that is if you’re a thrill seeker like me and DS.

If it were me, I would explore part of World Showcase on Day 1 and the other part on Day 2. It is a long walk around even if you don’t step foot into the countries. You could explore Mexico on your way to Norway and do the Gran Fiesta Tour ride (3 Caballeros ride). Then do all your stuff in Norway, check out China, the Outpost (not a lot there that I remember) and explore Germany. Then you could take a leisurely Friendship boat ride back over towards the Showcase plaza and hit up more of Future World in the evening.

Also, if your family is interested in Turtle Talk, I would FPP that instead of the Seas (if the crowd level is high. The TT FPP generally gets you into the next show instead of waiting. Just as we walked up they were letting a show in and we had to wait in the cue for those people to go in before waiting about 20 minutes on the floor. Someone could correct me on this if they think it bad advice.

One part of avoiding World Showcase until day 2 is we have MK for 2 days between them, and 1900 res at 7 that night, so less time to be in lines. If DD ends up wanting to sleep in (for once in her life) I’d rather give up Showcase if needed. The only place we have to compare is 2 days at Kings Island every year and we get there at opening, ride till 3 and head to the water park till it closes There’s been quite a few times she wanted to go back to the hotel after the WP closed at 7. Woke back up around 6am the next day cause she doesn’t know how to sleep in and head back out for the second day. The times we have stayed till closing at 11 we don’t make it out of the parking lot before she is out of it.