Epic Bucket List/25th Anniversary Trip Report

I ran into the same surprise this morning. I like walking from TTC to MK. I got to the where the path was blocked off and had to walk back to the TTC.

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See now that’s just unacceptable. That sign should have been at the start of the pathway in both instances.



I agree. I like the extra walking though, let’s me eat more snacks


Coming back from Poly it tried to take me the blocked way. Fortunately I remembered how we got there and found the naughty path!


One thing I noticed about the table that attacked me the other day, is that the reason it was so bad was because the side against the wall is actually attached to the wall so it can’t move!! If it had been a regular table it would have moved and I would not have gotten so hurt.


I forgot to introduce you all to my emotional support porg!


He’s so cute! DD21 got one at DLR in the before times (October 2019). She bought a little keychain with Mickey ears and he wore it like a hat! I’m not sure the new style of shoulder porgs would be able to wear it though! They look a little fluffier.


Adorable! Both of them!!

My porg makes sounds if I want him to. :heart_eyes:


Long hot day but a very good one. We have a rest day tomorrow and I’ll report on today’s adventures then. But here’s a hint of how it is going…




MK day2
I had asked about shipping some if our stuff back earlier and I believe it was @Bubblez that mentioned the business centers. So Thursday (our rest day) we went to the one at GF or at least tried to. We were redirected to the front desk so we went there. I spoke with someone and found out that the only business center that is currently open is at Coronado Springs Resort (or Swan/Dolphin but he doesn’t usually mention them since they aren’t Disney hotels :roll_eyes:). So I was going to have to do some figuring out stuff. When we got back to the room I called CSR and talked to the business center. Right now their hours are 9-6 M-F. Shoot. Was hoping to do this over the weekend. Pivot. Chatted with them, I asked what size boxes do you have “all of them” do you have tape “we have all supplies” we can just bring our stuff there and you will help us figure what we need ? “ yes ma’am we are a business center for conventions we do it all for you” :scream::scream::scream: I’m a public h.s. teacher no one ever does “everything for us, ever” particularly not if the are supposed to help you with something!! I’ve learned I’m the only one (and a couple of fellow teacher friends) I can trust to do anything for me. :scream::scream::scream: She was so nonchalant in stating this, if was a bit surreal. Anyway, now I had to choose. Friday (the next day) which was supposed to be a MK day or Monday the day we check out. Could I in the time left for the day go through the things I needed to and organize what we wanted to ship home? Or would I need the weekend to pull this off. Well since I’m telling you all this under the title of MK day 2, I decided I would really try to get it done on Friday.

We managed to fill a suitcase with the things we didn’t need and souvenirs (no judgment please). And yesterday morning instead of RD MK we RD the business center at CSR. This required us to get up and catch the monorail to MK to be at MK at 8 am. This also meant that when DH went through security he had to have the whole suitcase get checked because it dinged ( either the rolling frame or a power strip were the only things that could have set it off lol. Of course, the whole time I was thinking loudly at the guy, “do not mess up my packing I will not be able to get it all back in dang it”

Finally we were cleared and go to MK right about 8 am. I’m sure we were quite the oddity with our ECVs and a large suitcase in tow. We were very fortunate and there was a bus to CSR almost immediately. Everything went pretty well. We got to the business center right after 9 and we’re done by 9:30 am. For less than $100 the relief and lessened stress made it a bargain. I should mention that the only reason we had to trek all over Disney to do this was because of COVID. Otherwise, the GF business center was less than 10 minutes away from our room. Getting a bus back to MK was a little trickier as one of those non-ADA compliant charter coaches showed up first. Then a regular Disney bus showed up before the charter had left (it was taking its time). Once we were about to get on the Disney bus we were on our way back. I had hoped we would be finished with this trek so that we could start MK at about 11:30. We were doing really well on time and might make 10:30 until … we got to our building. We are on the 3rd floor and just as we got inside our building the elevator started acting like a fire alarm went off. The doors opened and no buttons pushed etc. Eventually semi bigwigs (name tags but wearing dark suits in 96 degrees = bigwig to me) and fire department and building engineers showed up. Semi bigwig 1 eventually showed us the service elevator which isn’t tied to the alarms (?) he seemed very apologetic and appreciated we were not upset. He did casually but not ask our name and then later our room number and said “that checks out”. I confirmed we were allowed to use the service elevator when leaving if the regular ones were still not working. Semi bigwig 2 accompanied us up to the 3rd floor. Our very own backstage tour! Lol :woman_facepalming:. So we ended up back at MK about 11 am so finally start enjoying MK!


Glad that you were able to get things worked out! I’m curious about the non-ADA buses. Did you see that happen a lot? I’ve read a few other times about buses coming that can’t take the scooters. We will have one with us, so I just wondered if this is something we will see on a regular basis. Thanks!

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First of all, that’s a lovely point and I’m so glad you had a good experience at the HM.

Secondly, I’ve never been annoyed when HM stops, because I love that attraction, and the more time I can spend inside the magic of it is time well spent. So thank you for giving people more time in HM! :smiley:


Staples. Glue! Jelly. So many options!

Your daughter’s porg is nearly as cute as she is!!! :smiley:


I’d heard that too. This was the first one we’ve encountered but our first week we were in the EP/HS bubble for the most part and rode our scooters or used a Friendship boat.

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MK day 2 continued
First we started with getting a DAS return for Winnie the Pooh and then getting Mac and cheese at Friar’s Nook. It was fine and we got ours plenty hot which I’m sure helped. Then we headed to TL and got a DAS return for Buzz ( this easily was our most anticipated ride except for Soarin , when we were at DL years ago we rode its version over and over. We were both more mobile and less heavy then). Then it was time for pretzel snacks from the Lunching Pad. We got one of the cream cheese filled ones (YUM) and a Mickey pretzel with cheese ( meh). It was super hot and all the seats in the shade were taken. I was rolling around looking for something not on the surface of the sun while balancing a tray with a slushy, waters and pretzels. Finally, a delightful couple (70’s ? , he was a Vietnam vet) invited us to share their table since they were finished and we accepted telling them we were both fully vaccinated. Turns out so were they! We had a nice chat with them until they were all set to continue on. The cream cheese pretzel is really, really good!!

Then came Buzz. This was truly disappointing. First, when we went to our return time we were told we would need to park our ECVs over by lunching pad. Ok. They did not offer a wheelchair despite the sign that showed transferring to one. When we returned from parking our ECVs the CM was busy doing something else and that made us have to stand with our canes for several minutes which why I forgot to ask about a wheelchair. I actually had to wave her down as I was reaching my level of discomfort. She then told us to go inside. I should have asked about a wheelchair. Inside we basically joined an already long line. Not something I would want to walk without a place to sit. I did have my cane but I need to sit hence the ECV. At this point it was too late to do anything. I managed because I had my cane and I’m just a tiny bit stubborn. They did not ask if I wanted the walkway to slow or not. We both managed to get in our cars. The game itself is still the same but as I’ve seen other places TSM is an upgrade in all ways. Then there were several stops (I hope to let someone on that was having trouble), one even involved the house lights going up and a guard rail popping up. I don’t think that was a normal stop. Because of where we were stopped once I managed to get the 999,999 so I started using the other gun lol. We made sure to get our pictures linked and were thinking that was ok. Then we left the shop/exit. There were ropes (empty because lack of line) that were between me and where they made us park our ECVs!! First, the line we were in inside could have definitely accommodated our ECVs , now the easiest access to where we required to park was cut off. We had to go completely around the queue area to be able to get to our ECVs. Fortunately there was a small sitting area on the way that actually had room. I had planned to ride this twice. It was with a heavy heart that I removed the second time from out TP - it just wasn’t worth it. This was hands down the least accessible ride in all of WDW of the ones we rode. Some of that was due to how the CM handled things but some was due to how Disney chose to have the layout. Very disappointed.


Wow I’m surprised about buzz, trying to picture a reason why an EcV couldn’t go in there…. Sounded exhausting!


It was. And I couldn’t see any reason to keep ECVs out.


MK day 2 continued again
Next we went to It’s a Small World which was just as wonderful as always. Their accessibility game is spot on. This has always been one of my favorites. I always wish and hope that we as a world could just get our acts together and join together like at the end of the ride. I know it’s not going to happen but it’s not a bad thing to hope for.

Then we went to Mickey’s Philharmagic which is really more about Donald so DH loved it, as did I.

Next we both got a I Lava You at Sunshine Tree Terrace so we can say we have had a dole whip. Lol you may have noticed this day was all about the snacks!! We both enjoyed our treat! Then we decided to go back to the hotel for about an hour to rest, cool off etc. because the big event was yet to come - BOG!!!

The nap/rest time really helped us feel better!! We headed to BOG and after waiting a bit go seated in the ballroom on back right side. A perfect place to people watch, Beast watch etc. !! I loved seeing the snow falling!!! Craig, our waiter was perfect - good and funny! We both had the lobster bisque which was really good for our appetizer. Then I had the sea scallops and DH had the Filet Mignon both were delicious, very flavorful and enjoyed immensely. The dessert trio was very good as well. I did not like the dark chocolate thing (I generally don’t like dark chocolate at all) , but I did try it. DH had no problem finishing mine after having his. The other two were extremely yummy. The grey stuff was indeed, delicious :grin:!!

After that we went looking at shops. Didn’t get a whole lot, just a couple of magnets because we didn’t want to undo what our shipping stuff accomplished!! It’s just fun to look at everything and see what stuff you can find that you haven’t seen before!


AK day 2
This morning our intention was to start at AK and then hop to MK and EP because we hadn’t gotten a lot of photopass photographers pictures. However Mother Nature had different plans for our last Disney day.

We did get up and go to AK we rode triceratops spin :grin: which was sweet and adorable. Then we took the train and watched the animation experience with them drawing the hound from fox and the hound. Then DH joined the next group for what would be Pua from Moana. I made a go of the petting zoo but basically it was a bust. Most of the animals were in their leave me alone areas so I went back in to watch the drawing. After we headed back on the train and found on of the photographers and got some neat pictures. Then we were deciding what to do when the sky opened up. We took cover and decided that what this called for is ice cream cookie sandwiches!!

So we got umbrellas and ponchos(for the ECVs not us) and headed off! We got there and of course all cover was gone but we were fairly soaked by that time so didn’t care. I ordered one of each (reg and strawberry) and we shared them under our umbrellas. When finished we decided we would go back to the hotel and change and then at least go to MK. While on the way out of the park there were at least 3 HUGE thunderclaps right above us😱! I do not blame the children that screamed or cried because they were LOUD and right overhead! I jumped just a bit at each one. And honestly was a little unsettled. I don’t remember the last time I was outside and had that happen. Usually I’m in the comfort of my house when those sounds happen! We made it back to the hotel - all the AC now chilling us. Once in our room it was hang up wet clothes time. We then decided napping under the covers sounded like a good idea.

When we were refreshed and about to head out to MK to eat, shop and get pictures the heavens opened up again. As we stood in front of the door going out of the building we looked at each other and said “the grill?” Meaning Gasparilla grill which is a fairly decent QS. They have a nice pepperoni pizza and a reasonable Mac and cheese. So I made a MO and that was dinner. Not exactly what we had planned but still nice enough.

Tomorrow we leave the bubble and head to Universal for 3 days. The Disney part of this trip has been wonderful and magical despite a few mishaps. We made memories and took pictures. This time we have more than 1 picture together unlike our honeymoon 25 years ago. We just watched the last Electric Light Parade on the lake from our fantastic view. Bittersweet.

So many of you reading this helped to make this possible, alleviate my anxieties, answered questions, asked questions I didn’t know needed asking and so much more. I’m so thankful for this community. You all are kind and generous people and I thank you all so much.