Epic Birthday Trip

Ok, I’ve got one day for my birthday - planning all 4 parks. Closing at Epcot which closes at 11pm. Here’s what I’m planning with hopefully plenty of modified FPs to make it all happen and Minnie Vans as needed. Let me know if you think this sounds feasible!

Magic Kingdom with EMM
Plenty of 7DMT
Peter Pan

At park opening
Haunted Mansion

Minnie Van to AK
FP for Na’vi (11:45)
FP for Everest (12:45)
FP for Safari (1:45)
Lunch in there somewhere at Flame Tree

Onto HS
Star Tours

Hoping Boat will be open by then to Epcot (It’s in May)
Dinner in WS
Spaceship Earth
Mission Space
Test Track

I’m sure we will be exhausted. Myself and 19 year old niece. But I think it’s doable…thoughts?


Sounds like a blast to me and I bet you can do it! Can’t wait to read your report about it later.

My two DDs and I did a four park in one day last month and accomplished so much. I think your plan looks great. We managed to pick up many additional FPPs throughout the day (including EE, RnR, Star Tours) so keep checking your app.

I hope you’ve been training for this! Daily runs and all that! :wink: Sounds exhausting and maybe a little ambitious. I’m interested to hear how it plays out. Be sure to come back and let us know.

I think it’s doable with FPs and sounds like an amazing birthday!

Ok, so what started out as a simple, cheap birthday trip has taken a turn…but I am so excited! First, I changed hotels. We were originally at POP, I moved to POFQ and then when I realized our last day would be a pool day, I wanted to be at Stormalong Bay…so Beach Club it is. (Thank goodness my travel agent is so patient with me - love Brandi from MVT!)

Then, my niece convinced me to leave at noon on the Monday, so that meant we’d have an evening at one park and we picked Animal Kingdom. I have my AP, no problem, but I needed to get another day’s ticket for her. And then, after reviewing my vacation balance time at work, it seemed like a no brainer to leave at 6am and get there at 9am instead of waiting…now we’re flying in early and I have a full day at AK. And that’s when I remembered I always wanted to do the Wild Africa Trek and that @OBNurseNH had an amazing review and decided to splurge on that, too!

My actual birthday is day 2 with EMM at MK, HS and EP until close at 11pm. Sleep in the next day, enjoy Stormalong Bay (she has never been), late lunch/early dinner at Boathouse and then take the last flight out back to PVD.

DS is still a little bummed not to be coming on this one, but between the days I’ve already taken him out for Disney trips and the fact that he would never be able to keep up with the itinerary, it’s for the better. And I told him after scoping out Wild Africa Trek, if I love it, we’ll do it together in September.

T-minus 7 days and counting. Family asked me how I felt about turning 40…I told them spending it at my happy place makes it a little easier.




WDW should offer me a kickback for all these WAT I’m selling! :wink: