Epcot WS Questions

Wondering how much time we should dedicate to the WS? We’re staying at YC and I’ll be with DS10 who is…fairly uninterested in stuff like that. Maybe he will surprise me!

-we will be riding Remy at some point, so we can look around the France pavilion at that time
-both the UK and Canada pavilions look interesting to walk around for a bit, so we can do that while leaving the park at some point
-I’ll make him go into Mexico & Norway for the rides (and we’re eating in Mexico too)
-is there anything in the rest of the pavilions that would be of interest to him? I was thinking maybe the store in Japan?

The American Adventure.

Boat ride in Mexico and I like the indoor market stalls there.

China still has the models of Shanghai DIsneyland, or did as of December.

Try and catch the drummers in Japan too. And as much as I hated it, Morocco has a desert rally driving “experience” - ie: video game in part of the museum.

The Stave Church has a display about the Norse Gods.

You’ll need longer than you think. The shops in Germany are cool and who can resist the trains. Minimum of 3 hours.

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The movies in China and Canada are both really good. I presume the one is France is as well…although we never seem to hit it when it is showing.

The store in Japan is always a hit, particularly if there is any interest in anime, etc.

I think you COULD spend an entire day in WS…but allocating a 1/2 day should be enough to go through much of it quickly.


I can spend 2 days in WS quite easily! :blush:


If he likes anime at all, this is a definite yes.




There are cultural representatives in each county too. Your child can do an activity in each country with them. My kids always liked that.


I really love the singers in the American pavilion.
Voices of Liberty, I think.

They sing inside a capela and it’s really beautiful.
Sometimes there’s a mime outside of France, and sometimes a dude who stacks a bunch of chairs.

There is a guide to the events so if there is something you don’t want to miss, you can make a note of when it is.

I agree that the taiko drummers in Japan are amazing.

And you don’t need to stay for the entire performance. Sometimes we catch a few minutes of it and move on.

We don’t typically watch the movies though.


I will give you.a different perspective than the other posters. When I was around age 10, I found World Showcase to be incredibly boring and I wanted to spend as much time as possible in Future World. Of course that was in the 80’s, but walking through World Showcase pavilions is not much different now.

With our kids (ages 5 and 7.5), we walk through Mexico, Norway and France while doing the rides, but that is it for World Showcase.

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This is why we’ve never been there before! Way too far to walk to hear him complain the whole time, lol.

I’ll add to my list:
Japan (store, drummers)
Germany (trains sound awesome)
Morocco (rally car thing, maybe…)
Movies in Canada and China (if we happen to be there at the right time)

I’m thinking 2 hours should be plenty.

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We budget 20 minutes per country. We spend next to no time in Italy or Morocco. We don’t like the China shop. Canada and the UK are fun to walk through. Mexico – you must do the Gran Fiesta boat.

What’s fun is they always have a scavenger hunt. There is an egg or a Remy or something to search for in each country. Then you put a sticker on the map. Don’t learn the hard way and get the prize when you buy it. Don’t wait until it’s finished.

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The thing is you’re going to be walking around it anyway, with riding Remy, Frozen.

2 hours will be quite a fast walk, and if your DS does get engrossed it’ll throw your plan waaaaaaay off. Japan drummers and the shop could be 30 minutes alone, watching the trains could easily be 15 minutes plus.

IDF is only on in the evening and first thing is the morning. Canada’s movie usually involves a wait, but even just walking around the walkways is 10 minutes, and the shop is fun too. I could go on……

I bet you’ll spend a lot longer than 2 hours!


There are also the DuckTales adventure, as well as KidCot locations.

Frankly, both movies as good enough to go out of your way for. Even as a kid, I loved the CircleVision movies. They run often enough you can easily fill your time looking around until the next movie starts. IMO, the movies are far superior to the ride in Mexico (and yes…I would had said so as a kid).

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We used to do Epcot every evening, 4 or 5 hours for 7 or 8 days. A Future World pavilion, or two sometimes, followed by 2 or 3 World Showcase pavilions. Lots of extended family, kids thru adults. At least 3 toddlers, at various times on up to teens. Epcot has always been our most favored park, with the most time - and least repeats - of any of the parks. I’ve always heard of Epcot’s not being much fun or very interesting.
Even without a Festival we have been unable to do all of World Show case in a day.

Back in the 80s we’d do Epcot only trips many times. :sunglasses:


One of my must-dos is half a day solo in WS. Last trip my eldest was with me so not strictly solo.

Last trip we did two days in Epcot, albeit one was bitterly cold and we bailed. Plus my almost solo afternoon, plus 2 evenings, one of which which included the extended hours.

Still not enough, it never is. But the same was true of AK and DHS (Galaxy’s Edge).


You’d be surprised. I always lived WS as a kid and my 40 yo loved it last treat. I could spend a couple days there. We are doing 2 EP days this trip just to have more time to explore v there’s plenty for kids to enjoy from street music to gardens to food.


Surprisingly my girls loved world show case, about the same age. They were bummed we didn’t make it to all the countries. They thought it was fun to try new foods and see the stores. Picking up the kid or passport also helped— And trying to find press Pennys.


My kids all loved WS, and I think it had a lot to do with my love of foreign countries. I spent a good deal of my childhood either living in or visiting foreign countries with my dad. Me being excited about seeing a glimpse probably helped spark their interest.