Epcot-World Showcase to MK

On the day we’re touring World Showcase, our plans are to eat dinner at Teppan Edo around 6pm and then head to Magic Kingdom for Wishes. Since we’ll be ending in Japan, are we better off taking the International Gateway to Beach Club and taking a bus to MK or heading back to the entrance and taking the monorail?

We’ll also have our car, so driving is an option as well.


Tough call - both are good, maybe friendship boat to YC/BC if my feet were tired to save the trek to the front of the park, then bus. Or… Use the new Express Bus direct from SE to Buzz.
Interested in what the more experienced on here think.

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What time is Wishes that night?

Not sure yet (calendar isn’t out yet) but its predicted to be a night with late EMH so I’m guessing either 9 or 10.

We might also move the 6pm dinner up a bit if needed. Our touring plan shows we’ll have plenty of time to do that if we need to.

Maybe you could take the new Express Transportation! We’re considering it for our trip - 3 more days for us!

Wonder if it’d be worth it since we’d still have to walk back to Spaceship Earth?

I would walk to BC and take the bus from there.

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I’m with @PrincipalTinker on this one.


I wouldn’t suggest driving. You would still have to park at the TTC and then take the monorail or ferry boat to the MK. Yes, Express transportation would be the best if money is not a concern. If money is of concern, just take the express monorail. I wouldn’t recommend the gateway unless going to HS. Also, if you are running late for Wishes. Take the ferry boat to the MK. It’s still a beautiful view of the fireworks from the boat. You can even see the castle.

Anyone wanna get weird with this?
I’m not sure where the BC Bus stop is. I know the BC cannot be far from the IG.
I know the Swan bus stop itself (not the hotel, but the actual bus stop) is like 10 minutes from the IG- and that’s an EASY 10 minutes.(Plus you can stop at Ample Hills.)

Ok, so back to saving steps/time -
Isn’t there also a Friendship boat launch right outside of Morrocco?
They will walk past this launch to get to the IG. The boat will go direct to the “front” of the WS. I have NO IDEA if this will save steps compared going to BC. But if the boat is loading when they are walking from Japan to IG, would it come into play to take the boat to the top of the WS, and then walk to the monorail to save steps or time?

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Directions to the BC bus stop: walk straight out of IG and go over the bridge. BC is on the right (you are in the back) walk past the quiet pool towards the big slide hanging over the walkway. Before you get to SAB you will see this:

Walk straight through the lobby and the bus depot is down the driveway on your left .

I did think about the boat but I still think that BC is the shortest walk (maybe it is just I love that walk- and view?)

I’d walk back through future world, m’self. Cause it’s so pretty and there’s “hidden” stuff that appears at night. :slight_smile:

@seebee - I wouldn’t count on using the Friendship boat at that hour. Last July, when I used it, they closed at 5 or 6 pm, I think so they could start setting up the pyro for Illuminations. Also, the IG is much closer to the Morocco dock than the “front” dock. They would have to do a lot of backtracking.

Thank you all! And especially thanks for the directions @PrincipalTinker

We’ll be spending 2 partial days at Epcot and will likely be in Future World at night anyway (we plan to spend our first afternoon/night there). I think the International Gateway sounds like the way to go, plus I’ve never been there so it gives us a chance to try something new!

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