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I’m second guessing our Epcot day. We will be there towards the end of August – so expect it to be hotter than the sun. We were last at WDW 3 years ago, when we did all of the Future World rides and a more limited time in World Showcase. This trip, I was hoping to fit in more of the World Showcase. We’re not shoppers at all, so our priorities would be shows/entertainers and Agent P. Kids are 7 and 9.
Below is our current plan:



–I’m concerned about combination of lots of walking/standing around to watch shows in the heat of August. Are the shows we picked worth it? Any others that we should give priority to over what is in our current plan?
–Our ride priorities are Soarin, Test Track, Mission Space, and Frozen. I am okay missing the rest (and I think my kids are too). We will try to fit in Spaceship Earth and Figment if energy levels permit (both are bookending our mid-afternoon break and will decide in the moment between fitting in ride vs. more time for break). I know this is personal preference, but what are your thoughts on my current choice of extra time in World Showcase vs. extra rides?
–I have Impressions De France in the plan as a possibility, but not the other movies. Is this a good choice with kids? Would you skip? Do any other movies?

Overall just looking for comments on our plan and choices we made for the day.


I’ll chime in since no one else has yet. I think your plan is fine. My only real critique is you have a very long day planned. EP has little to no shade and you will be hot and exhausted by 11:00 pm as you have planned. You may want to take a midday break outside the park or at least plan a longer lunch (maybe a TS over Tangerine Cafe for 25 min). (ETA Oh, I see the 190 minute break. Disregard my previous statement)

It looks like you pretty much have them all in there. The ones I always try to catch are the Taiko drums (Japan) and the American Adventure movie. I like the France movie because its cool and there is theater seating. The other movies (China and Canada) are the 360 theaters and they won’t let you sit down. I don’t think as a kid in the 80s I enjoyed any of the movies, but now I make a point not to miss American Adventure or France.

You planned these exactly how I would have. I like the choice to RD Soarin with the GG PPO breakfast advantage. TT has been down more than it has been open on my last two trips, so it’s good you have a FPP for that. Last trip, we had a FPP for that and it was closed, it turned into an anytime FP, and they let us use it on FEA even though it technically excluded that.

I always leave this for the end of the night as we’re exiting the park, because it’s a walk-on at that hour.

That’s up to you, but if you accomplish the big 3 or 4 rides in the morning like you have planned, and you don’t care about LwtL or Nemo, I’d spend the rest of the time in WS. There’s lots to do (and eat).

Are your steps 21, 22, 23, and 24 well after the actual performance times? Maybe I am misreading something.

I would not go to Frozen and then back to future world for Test Track. Norway is past Mexico and although it isn’t that far…you’re already 2 countries into World Showcase.

I see you have built in a 190 minute break. Great idea. Go to the Beach Club (shorter walk) and order up an Uber. I wouldn’t trek back to the front of the park for Spaceship Earth given your intended location.

Warning about Impressions…it made me dizzy and I do not get motion sick typically. It’s easy to get swept up in the perceived motion of the film. You’re going at a hot time of year, it may not be a great choice. Just my 2 cents.

My son gets dizzy from Impressions of France, too.

I added the performance times at the end just so I could see times in case we wanted to change plans in the moment. As of right now, I’m not really planning to get to them.

Thanks for the advice about Impressions deFrance and motion sickness! I would not have thought of that and it is an issue for me (although hopefully by that point in our trip I will know my limits, and how well motion sickness meds are working.)

The thing about many of the shows is they are in full sun. But some of them are worth it, especially if you take breaks in between to get in for one of the films, a snack indoors, or similar.

  1. Mariachi Cobre with Coco - MUST SEE. That puppet is amazing. I’m sad I only saw it once - would loved to have watched another time or two
  2. VOL - indoors, cool, and MUST SEE!
  3. British Rev - LOVE it. But you have it listed after Illuminations. Not sure why it let you - it won’t show then
  4. Serveur Amusante - this one we have to see every time.
  5. Jammitors - wicked fun. Don’t miss it.

Thank you all for this input! I’m feeling a little better about our plan. I’m happy to see the positive review of Coco, and I think we’ll end up taking the advice to skip Spaceship Earth midday in favor of an earlier break, and try to fit it in if possible at night. (I’ll probably still get the midday fast pass for it, if only so we can then open up better 4th Tier 1 FP opportunities - assuming we can access 4th same day Fast passes even if we never tap into our 3rd fast pass?

I agree with pretty much all of this. British Rev is not one I would go out of my way to see (just not into that), but it is a good show. The Chinese acrobats is an excellent show - but get there early if you want to be near the front. The only WS show that I really don’t like is the mime with the friggin whistle in Italy. Visually the show is kind of fun, but that whistle turns me into a semi-psychotic demon creature. I power walk past Italy if I’m going by and he’s performing… The Taiko drummers in Japan are pretty cool - especially if you’ve never seen a show like this before. I lived in Japan for 4 years, and these performers are as good as any I’ve seen there.

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I have noise anger too. I can relate.

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