Epcot World Showcase crowd levels

I know CL’s are based upon wait time for rides, but how to you plan for general crowded feeling in World Showcase? We are going in April, with Epcot day plan for Future World at RD, then start World Showcase lap at Noon and ending around 5pm. Then Future World again until Epcot Forever show.

Our options are Tuesday, CL8 with evening EMH, or Wed &TH with CL’s of 4. Do I assume World Showcase on CL8 will feel substantially more crowded than on CL4 days?

Yes. Probably. Maybe.

Now, granted, technically speaking CLs are a measure of wait times, not actual number of people in the parks…but higher CLs will tend to correlate to higher actual crowds as well. So I’d be willing to wager that the CL8 day will, in fact, feel much more crowded than a CL4 day.


Thank you.

I suspect that Tuesday CL is some kind of error.