Epcot with preschoolers

Planning first time to Epcot w DS4 and DS5. Are kidcot stations good for those ages? What about the agent P thing? Anything else specifically good for this age range?

Our kids, at similar ages, loved the seas. Turtle talk is absolute favorite. Other things they really enjoyed were SE and getting passports stamped in WS.

I have DD6 and DS2. They love the seas pavilion (turtle talk, Nemo ride, aquariums), living with the land, figment (journey into imagination) and spaceship earth -- all in future world. We also love love love the ride in the Mexico pavilion! Gran fiesta tour. smile

Kid cot stations are fun. Also dd loved all the games and exhibits in Innovations. We would be there for hours. Once did Nemo six times in a row.

All of the above are great! We tried Agent P last year with DDS 8&5. 8 year old loved it, the 5 year old got bored quickly and just wanted to punch buttons. Also our phone messed up so she was doubly frustrated. I might skip that until they are a bit older. Our kids love Epcot. I think the slower pace makes it more enjoyable for them.
I've heard others say to try to have the same experience in each of the countries: try on a hat, eat a piece of candy, etc. That might be a good choice too.

If you bring a change of clothes and the weather is good, there is a splash pad between Future World and World Showcase. Our DD4 loves Living with the Land, Gran Fiesta Tour, Spaceship Earth, and Soarin, plus the tanks at The Seas. On our list is to do Agent P because she loves Phineas and Ferb. She also likes some of the music entertainment around WS.

I forgot entertainment -- that's right! My kids liked the chinese acrobats.

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Agent P is a little over the head for that age since they usually can't read and comprehend the 'game' very well. you could of course do it with them and they would like the effects but when DS was too young to read he just found the game frustrating.

Our kids loved kidcot stops at all the countries. The Epcot passports are a good option too.