Epcot with a 40” almost 3 year old

Does anyone have experience of trying out the 40” attractions at Epcot with a 2 or recently turned 3 year old? Would you recommend doing Test Track, Mission Space Green and Soaring or are they too intense for a little one??

in order of intensity from least to greatest:

Mission Space Green
Test Track

Mission Space Green is very tame,

Soarin only has the potential for fear of heights…although you cant see how high you are.

Test Track is a bit jerky and quite fast and windy once you get outside

We took my 4 year old on Test Track and Soarin. He loved both. We didn’t do Mission Space. TT is more jerky at parts. Soarin is very smooth, but I agree any fear of heights may be a problem.

Our DD was not even 2.5 when she hit 40" and went on Soarin’ and Test Track for the first time. She absolutely loved both! Mission:SPACE didn’t have the lower height requirement at the time, so she was about 3.5 the first time she rode that. She definitely enjoyed it, but Soarin’ and Test Track were better and are still firmly on the favorites list.