Epcot Wine Walk

How have i never heard of this? It sounds awesome! Has anyone here ever done it? In your experience, something I should put on my to do list?

I have seen unofficial groups going round epcot trying to have a drink in every country whilst I was there. Mainly younger groups!

The tip I read for that is don’t start with a margarita in Mexico as you might not t get past the fifth or sixth country if you do! (as they are very strong margaritas apparently)


Not sure if there is a more elegant wine version of the above you can do officially though (maybe with just taste of the wine rather than a whole glass!)

You are talking about this? I have not done it but I have seen a couple of posts about it on chat. Will one of the food festivals be going on during your trip?

@PrincipalTinker yes, that’s what I just saw! You get a glass and samples from 3 countries. Yes, food & wine will start near the end of my trip. I have been there once but it was too busy to enjoy when I was there (last year Saturday of the half marathon). I am hoping it will not be as busy this time of year.

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Haha yes, @interested I’ve seen that too. Not my idea of a good time. There is a Disney official version with just tastings that I want to try! I will have to report back with how it goes after I try it in a few weeks.

We’ve done it a few times, in fact we have a couple of unfinished Wine Walk cards in our Owners Locker which we’ll hopefully use up in October. It’s strictly speaking not the best value in the world, but it’s good fun!