Epcot Wine Walk - Has this been discontinued?

Does anyone know if the Wine Walk at Epcot still exists? This is something we were interested in doing on our trip next week. Thanks!

Personally I sure hope so. People tend to drink a little too much and walk into everybody. I know it is a big item for those who love the beer and wine festabul but it is no fun for those who constantly get bumped into.

I think Disney Food Blog reported that it has been discontinued for the moment.

Pretty sure it’s been discontinued, but they are still honoring old cards. As luck would have it, I have two half used ones stashed in our Owners Locker… :grin:

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Thanks. Not a big deal but I thought it would be something cool to do.

We’ve always enjoyed it. It was a nice way to try a couple of different wines we wouldn’t necessarily buy otherwise. :slight_smile:

At $32 for six 2 ounce pours of wine I seriously doubt this contributed much to the drunkenness at Epcot…


During the Beer and Wine Festival it is my understanding that one buys a pass of some kind and is able to sample as much as they want. Now having walked around Epcot I have experienced many tippy people and though they appeared to have a good time some of us wished they were able to control a little better. Now I am not a prude here. I think they should have fun but watch a little better how they are walking and into whom.