Epcot Wind Down

Has anyone ever gone to the Epcot Wind Down for a second time? I booked La Cava again and I am wondering if that is too much? I had a great time the first time and I do not like beer or wine so the others are not an option.

Sorry I can't help, but I would love to try this.

When are you going to it @PrincipalTinker? I have a one lined up in August if you'd like to join me and a couple of others. PM me. 😊

I think that's part of the charm of the wind down. That it's a way of relaxing in your favorite lounge/bar area while everyone else heads out. We've been to the Tutto Gusto one and would definitely go back if we could.

I could do the wind down every night I am in Epcot. I LOVE walking out of the park after everyone else is GONE. If you like LaCava, go for it! Tell them you are a veteran and also related to Len. Then just enjoy your wind down.

We did La Cava wind-down on Friday night. It includes a tequila tasting and a trio of three yummy dishes. (Small-plate size) Loved it and highly recommend.

We did Thursday night, and it was fabulous. At La Cava, you learn about tequila tasting notes, and you get 3 kinds of tequila, 1 mezcal, 1 vodka (it's a palate cleanser, I swear!), and 3 small appetizers.

Has anyone gone to any of the other restaurants (Italy, Morocco, UK)?

We did the Tutto Gusto (Italy). You have the choice of 4 different wine flight and plate. We picked a red wine flight that came with cheese and breads and a Dessert wine flight which came with 3 different desserts (miam!). It was very good, the only down side was that it was an EMH night so the parks where still super busy when we left.

Last time I did the Wind Down I took the bus back to AKL. I have booked it for a night it will start at 10:20 and I will be walking back to BW. Will they let me walk out IG?

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I'm not sure. The last time we were there, we were "guided" out to the front. But we weren't heading toward the boardwalk. @MrTomMorrow i think had mentioned that they weren't allowed to head over that way. But that seems silly for the people staying at those resorts. Has anyone else tried to get to the BW after a Wind Down?

I did the La Cava Wind Down twice in one trip (different groups of friends) and loved it both times. If I was to do another Wind-down, I would likely choose TG or R&C, just to try something different, but if I was with someone who wanted to do La Cave, I'd have no issues going back a 3rd time... smile


Sooo when's your next trip @bswan26??

@bswan26 did you leave through the front of EP or through IG? I am trying to figure out if they are actually going to make me take a bus to BW. I am so glad to hear someone else has done LaCava more than once!

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I remember one report where they tried to tell them to head to the front and when the liner balked they chat with security or their supervisor and were allowed to exit through IG. So at least worth trying. Sorry can't remember who's trip report that was.

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Oh! Arguing with security after a night at La Cava! Let me think about that one. Is Disney jail a real thing? Could I possibly find out......hmmmmm


@PrincipalTinker, just use your "principal voice" and you'll be fine.

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My principal voice after all those shots and at least two more drinks is NOT very effective ( voice of experience there ). I think my son had to finish my lines post last time. It seems as if I may have lost the ability to write.


I had to get to BW after La Cava. Started walking toward IG from Mexico, got all the way to France, and they wouldn't let me out. They escorted me all the way back around WS, then I was handed off to a man on a segway and escorted to the IG exit via UK. It was all very cloak and dagger-y.

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Was this after the fountain @KeliJ?

I have heard of Disney not letting someone in, but I thought they would let anyone out LOL @KeliJ must have looked suspicious.