Epcot Wind Down Question

I made a reservation for my group of 8 to do a wind down at TG. Will I be charged if they don't all come? I have a feeling some will tired and want to go back to resort, but don't want to have them make that decision now. Thanks!

Hi @TinyTina - There is a 1 day cancellation policy for this event (same as most other dining reservations. Your credit card will be charged $10 per person for no shows.) I'd try to adjust my party size by the day before the event. If not everyone in your party shows up though, you should be fine. I've never been charged a fee when we've shown up with less people than on our reservation.

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I've made ADRs where not everyone showed up. There was no charge for those that didn't show. Don't know if the wind down is different since it's a hard ticket. Surprised you didn't have to prepay for it. Again, no experience w wind down.

On a regular ADR, as long as at least one member of the party shows, there is no charge. If the entire party is a no-show, it's a $10/person charge. If Unless it has changed, the Wind-down does NOT require a pre-pay (although it requires a CC to make the reservation). The first time I went to the La Cava one, I was seated at the bar and there were two "no-shows" next to me. The tequila was already poured and the bar tender told me there were two option; he would have to throw it out, or I would have to drink it. I think you can guess which option I chose...


I wasn't charged for it, just needed a CC to hold the reservation. I will talk to my group and see if they will give me a definite answer the day before. Or at least be willing to cough up the $10 for a no show! Thanks!

Oh! I'm so glad @bswan26 and @TinyTina chimed in. I'm sorry I gave you incorrect information. I'll delete or edit my earlier reply.

I should mention that at least 4 of us will be going no matter what. The other 4 I am not so sure but want to include them if they are feeling up to it after a long day of touring!