Epcot Wind Down @ La Cava Del Tequila

I read on the tp blog that they start right at 9:20 after illuminations. Is that still the case? Or do I have time to walk from another location?

I would get there at 9:20, especially if you have more than two people and want to sit together. We had 8 and got split because we got there late.

This matters a lot more for La Cava than it did for Rose and Crown - and probably the others, but I haven't tried TG or SR. We were running quite late for LC, and it was super embarrassing because we walked in after everyone was seated and listening to Hilda. It was just two of us, so we were seated together, but we had to make our way between the tables all the way to the back. It reminded me of walking into a college class late and the only seat left is right in front, lol.

I watched illuminations from Mexico so I was there at 9:20. When I checked in they had already assigned me a table. They did not start until around 9:30. This was the end of June. I have it booked again in October but on that night it is scheduled for 10:20.

At least at La Cava, I'm relatively certain that they pre-assign tables based on party size, so the order in which you arrive has little to do with where you sit...

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@bswan, but we were split up. Remember? (Or did you have too much tequila?) You, me, @MrTomMorrow & @Weasus sat at the little tables. @Beachmom1, @DarthD, @HappyKaren and @Lentesta were at another table and we were all on the same reservation.

yep. that's the night of which I was speaking. LOL. we were on the same res, but had to be split up because we were the last ones in there.

When was that, May? Tables were assigned in June.

Yes. That was in May.