Epcot Wind Down being extended through Nov 9th

The Popular Wind Down events at La Cava, Tutti Gusto, Spice Road Table and Rose and Crown are being extended through the end of the F&W festival. R&C will not be available on Tues and Thurs starting on Sept 23ed, due to the F&W Street Party.

Hi @bswan26 - My friends and I have a La Cava reservation during Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend. When are you going?

Won't be there until Nov 16th... frowning

So excited to hear this. Just booked Tutto Gusto for 9/28! I guess this maybe makes up for Maelstrom most likely being closed. Maybe. 😉

Any idea if they are bringing it back after the holidays? We were looking forward to it during Spring Break 2015

Disney hasn't said anything about bringing it back, but it was quite popular, so they might. I guess we'll have to wait for the Disney accountants to do their analysis to determine if there was a sufficient profit margine to bring it back.

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