Epcot Updates

Any updates on when Space 220 or Remy’s Ratatouille adventure will be opening?

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Nothing so far. Your guess is probably as good as anyone else’s.
Nerve wracking isn’t it?

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Oh heard concerns voiced about what the closing of all the Asian parks will do to financing, in addition to potential decreases in attendance domestically and in France. The thinking was any negative impact there could result in slowdowns in construction already underway. #thankscoronavirus

There is a strong rumor that Remy will open during Flower and Garden because the festival map shows a fully open France Pavilion. Still rumors for an April opening of space 220.

But really who knows at this point.

On the latest Disney Dish podcast, Jim and Len said they expect Remy to open late May when Spaceship Earth closes.

I arrive in Florida 5/29, I don’t get to Disney till 6/1, only 2 parks days & Epcot is 6/3 - I predict 6/4!