EPCOT TT vs Soarin

Finalizing plans for trip in 11 days! The family is me, dh, dd7, and ds5
Headed to EPCOT on 2/22

We’ve used our fp for FEA. The family LOVES soarin although ds5 was unable to ride last trip b/c it was being refurbed. We def want to ride and see the new show.
Kids have never been on TT.

Is it possible to fit TT and soarin without waiting a super long time?
Planning on leaving the park around 7pm b/c we have an early start and a long day at MK the following day.

Do single rider TT and RD soaring. Walk with real determination towards Soaring and try to be as close to the rope as possible so you reach Soaring first.

It’s been a couple of years so I haven’t seen the new movie and/or the new screen added and/or any new queue entertainment but I remember the Soaring queue to be the most mind numbing thing on the planet. You do NOT want to be caught in there for a long time. Trust me.

Good luck!

The only problem my son is only 5 so he can’t go single rider. He is tall enough for the ride.

They have an additional theater now for soarin so I’m not sure if that is easing the line a tad bit!

Last week my family was able to get a 4th FPP for TT and the wait for Sourin was not long. TT is my DS6 favorite ride!

I went during morning EMH at 8am and was able to ride first TT and then Soarin on Standby lines with waits of 15 min for each. We also didn’t use the single rider line. So be there for EMH! It’s worth it!!!

Soarin was a favorite of our whole family, while we probably won’t bother doing TT again. We arrived at EP about 7:45am, we were at the front by the turnstiles. I put the rug down and we had breakfast of tea from a thermas and pastries/cookies from our hotel. We then chatted to the people around us, and the Jammitors put on a show around 8:30am. They let us in about 8:45am, we were on the first ride and were finished by 9:05am. At that time you could easily have a minimal wait for TT too. Or do everything else on that side except Circle of Life by 10:30, which is what we did on a CL7 day, then we used FPP for Spaceship Earth & MS. We split our 3rd FPP between TT and FEA, and picked up a rider swap at TT, (We didn’t get to pick it up as the ride was down but when I explained that later to the CM he let DH and I go together.) Then onto meet A&E and we finished with lunch at Coral Reef. Back to the hotel for a rest, where only DH slept, put the kids into club, and we returned to EP. I did manage to pick up an extra FPP for Soarin for the evening, however I cancelled it as we decided to slowly stroll around the pavillions instead. I’ve read great things about EMH at EP, that would definetily be the easiest way to do both Soarin & TT with minimal waits.

Today we got there about 5 minutes pre-drop. Walked slow with a 5 yrs old to TT. 15-18 minutes on. Walked to Soaring slow. 15 minutes on. Not sure the crowd level today but it seemed pretty light.

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