Epcot TS - Help me decide

Trying decide between a few restaurants:

Teppan Edo - my DD4 as she puts it loves watching the chef cook
Biergarten - entertaining enough for DD plus beer for us
LaHacienda de San Angel - because I’m a sucker for a good Margarita or two

Any thoughts or recommendations for one over another?

We have only been to Biergarten of these 3 and the family always enjoys it. Plan to try La Hacienda on our next trip. Who doesn’t enjoy a good marguerita!

Or I can stop at LaCava for pre and post dinner margaritas :smile:

I would go with BG. I love German food, and it’s very hard to find good German food that I haven’t cooked myself. TE is good, but I have just as good in my own town, so I rarely go there. LH would probably be number 2 on my list; the food is very good and the choices I have in Pensacola are meager. If I still lived in San Diego, I might feel differently.

La Hacienda, all the way. Upscale Mexican food (definitely not Taco Bell), plus with good timing you can watch Illuminations from your table.

I would not consider Teppan Edo - from the sounds of things you have already taken your DD to a teppanyaki-style restaurant, which was probably much better (and cheaper) than TE.

BG definitely