Epcot Trip Report

We returned from our first trip to WDW this weekend. I wanted to share our Epcot day since I had so many questions on how to do the big three rides before we left and spent so much time reading everything here. For our Epcot day it was my family of four - mom, dad, and 5 & 7 year old boys. Here is what worked for us:

Epcot CL6 - 6/12/17 - We did TT at rope drop with the assumption that we may not get to do Soarin’ at all (well, actually, I was the only one who had done any of the planning, so I figured what they didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt them). We were in the TT line by 9:01. The wait said 10 minutes already, but we never felt like we waited much since we were designing our cars. There was so much to look at after the ride, so we did stop for a few photos with the cars. We all loved this ride! The wait for Soarin was already at 50 minutes when we finished, so we skipped it. We went back and did Spaceship Earth with FPs. Mission Space was closed during our trip. We tried to meet Joy and Sadness around 10:30 but gave up on the long, slow line after a few minutes. We arrived at the Seas w/Nemo by 10:40. My touring plan had suggested the wait would be 12 minutes and the wait posted was 20 minutes, but it took about 45 minutes. The line was way outside of the entrance to the queue. This was by far our longest/most boring wait during our entire trip. We had FPs for Turtle Talk, but it would have made more sense to switch them. Our boys really enjoyed watching the fish and manatees in the aquarium afterwards.

We had a 12:15 reservation at The Garden Grill. This was my favorite meal of the trip! The food was delicious and way too much to eat it all. The characters were fun and the rotating restaurant was interesting to watch. We rode Living with the Land after lunch with no wait.

I had FPs for Frozen at 1:40. (At 60 days could only get a 5 pm FP, Checked back a few weeks before trip and 1:40 was available.) As soon as we checked in for Frozen, I was able to get 4:20 :relaxed: FPs for Soarin by repeatedly refreshing. (Yes, I was that mom on her iPhone, but it was for a good cause!) There was a 15 minute wait to meet Anna and Elsa after we rode, so we went in. It didn’t feel like a wait at all since you were in a house. After that we explored Mexico and rode Grand Fiesta Tour without a wait. This was a very cute ride. Donald was on break while we were there so we did not get to meet him. Next we made our way to the Disney Visa meet and greet. It was a very short wait to meet Mickey and Goofy. My boys really enjoyed playing in the “magic jumping fountain” that was outside. We then rode Journey Into Imagination with no wait and headed to Soarin’. I’m so glad we got to ride it. It was incredible and my husband’s favorite ride of the trip. Would have loved to explore the World Showcase, but my boys just didn’t have it in them. Guess that means we’ll have to go back! We left the park around 5:45 to meet the grandparents for dinner at our rental house.


Sounds like a great day! It’s very hard to do Epcot in one day.