Epcot travel choices

2 travel scenarios, what would you choose?

Staying at Boardwalk. Going to AK in the morning and then hopping to Epcot in the afternoon. This will be 12/26/19. Rental car available.

Option 1: drive rental car to AK for RD. Then drive back to boardwalk and walk to IG entrance at epcot.

Option 2: Bus to AK then bus to main entrance of epcot.

Option 1 should make RD much easier because no waiting for buses.

Does anyone think that park to park bus from AK to EP will be a lot faster than driving to boardwalk then walking to IG? I’m leaning toward option 1 unless someone convinces me the buses will save a lot of time.

I would definitely drive to AK and back to BW.


Agree on Option 1.

If you could talk them into using Lyft or Uber and not using the car, that would be the fastest option (although my experience is based on one Princess Half weekend and the week before Christmas, not the days they’re going). But with a party of five, they will need use Lyft or Uber XL or whatever it is that seats 5 people. Just tested it and Lyft XL from Boardwalk to AK now is $13.33 and seats 6. Did a test for 8am tomorrow morning and the price is $11.47. I have a feeling this will be a no go.

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Definitely option 1.
We recently took the bus from AK to Epcot and were rather surprised by how far away the drop off at Epcot was from the front of the park.

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Option 1. Waiting for a bus for rope drop on Dec 26th will be painful. We will be there then, going to MK that day but not until 10am (coming from west coast the night before and don’t land at MCO until 12:30am).