Epcot TP - TT and Character M&G

We are a family of 8: GMA, GPA, DS, DDIL, DGD8, DGD6, DGD4, DGS2; visiting Epcot on Sept 24th and staying off property. We need to leave Epcot at 2:00; so our day would be 9:00-2:00. The 2 things we want to do/see at Epcot is TT and see Belle and Aurora.

I was advised not to RD TT as it is often not working first thing in the morning and to FP TT later in the morning. I am a AP holder so I have been checking FP for TT 30 days out and so far I only see available TT FP in the afternoon. Based on this I am reconsidering RD for TT.

Our original TP was to RD the Character M&G but since this is now not offered on Sept 24th and so far not seeing any morning FP for TT this is what I am thinking:

9:00 RD TT minus GMA, DGD4, DGS2
Walk through World Showcase to France Pavilion via Canada; hopefully seeing some Characters
10:50 Get in line to see Belle @ 11:00
Ice cream @ Les Halles
12:25 Get in line to see Aurora @ 12:30
Lunch @ Sunshine Seasons
1:30 Seas with Nemo if time allows

Does the timeline make sense? Do we need to arrive earlier for Belle and Aurora. Do you think we would have time to see Jasmine between Belle and Aurora?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Have you considered doing Akershus for breakfast or lunch? Belle is always there and Aurora is usually there.


Agree w/ Akershus.

However, if not your plan is fine. Not sure if you’ll get to do Nemo. Character queues in WS are, IMHO, hard to predict. I’ve walked up to Belle and waited 30 minutes for Mulan and Daisy.

Belle and Aurora both meet in France at alternating times, so you can hop from one line to the other.
This is what I posted in my trip report: “I headed back to France to meet Belle and Aurora. Aurora was finishing up when I arrived, so I jumped in the line for Belle (maybe the 10th family?) Belle was coming out in 5 minutes, and t took about 20 minutes total to meet her. That meant Aurora was coming back in 15 minutes, so I went straight to her line and was 2nd to meet her. (So queued from 12:55 to 1:35 to meet two princesses. Not a bad way to do it if you ask me!)” Trip Report: Our Mickey-Tastic Adventure - #12 by Cgerres

If you can’t get a FP for TT, then it can’t hurt to try to RD it. Seas with Nemo shouldn’t have a line in the first hour either, so you can head that way too.
World Showcase (other than France, Mexico, and Norway) isn’t open until 11, so I’d start in France, get ice cream, and then wander a bit to see more characters from there. Les Halles in France has a bunch of sandwich options if you want to grab that for lunch. And the ice cream is actually at L’Artisan des Glaces (but it’s right next to Les Halles).


Akershus would be a great option but not on this trip :slight_smile: After a week at Disneyworld we are taking the kids and grandkids to the beach for the 2nd part of their vacation.

Your trip report was what made me schedule the Belle/Aurora meet! Reading it again answered my Jasmine question. I was thinking about doing Nemo and the other Epcot inside things in the afternoon on the day following our HEA night at MK. This will be a late start day and will keep them out of the afternoon heat. My kids and grandkids are not used to the Florida heat; let alone going to an amusement type park. On the other hand their normal idea of a vacation is hiking at national parks so hopefully the heat won’t destroy them :slight_smile: I don’t know if you can answer this but I was thinking of us walking from Epcot to Hollywood Studios for the the 5:00 B&TB and then have dinner at the Boardwalk and then return to the Epcot parking lot. I believe I read something like that on this forum and just wondered if you thought that would be doable for my family.

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Oh awesome! The lines for tier 2 rides at EPCOT don’t seem to get too bad in the afternoon. I guess because everyone is in WS. I haven’t personally done the walk between parks but I’ve heard it’s about 20 minutes. The boat may be a cooler option but it will most likely take a bit longer unless you get there right when it’s leaving.