Epcot TP not making sense

My TP for Epcot doesn’t seem to be making sense. Arriving at park opening, it has me starting at Spaceship Earth, then heading to Seas with Nemo and TTwCrush, then using my FP for Soarin at 10:13 (scheduled from 9-10). This is where it gets weird - has me waiting to meet anna & elsa @ 12:30 with 45 min wait then riding test track with 30 min wait. Shouldn’t I be rope dropping TT or the A&E meet? Could there be something wrong with the program or this is truly best plan?

If you publish your plans, and link them here, someone might be able to help.

That does not sound unusual for the custom touring plans, unfortunately. The plan software assumes you’re not actually ambitious enough to be there super early and rope-drop. There’s an assumption you’re walking through the gate at 9:00 AM. I also sort of feel that TP is putting a bit too much faith in their ability to forecast exact wait times throughout the day. I also don’t like how aggressively the planner takes advantage of the 5-minutes-early and 15-minutes-late grace period on the FastPass window. If you get 3 minutes behind, you’re too late for your Soarin’ FastPass, and I personally am not willing to risk that to save a few minutes in line on paper.

If you have a few pavilions in World Showcase, you probably see even more wonky behavior. It will send you to the pavilions out of order for no apparent reason. (There’s no wait to enter the UK pavilion, so why are you sending me to France after Canada, software???.)

If I were you, I would shift from optimizing to evaluating, and rearrange your steps. Rope-drop TT, then Soarin’, then more Future World stuff.

I think the estimated time for A&E is about 45 minutes all day (on the days I’m going, anyway), so you should probably plan on that, but put it where it makes sense in the plan. You can check the forecast waits by going to the attraction’s page ( https://touringplans.com/epcot/attractions/royal-sommerhus ) and clicking on Full Forecast (on the right, under Current Wait Time; https://touringplans.com/epcot/attractions/royal-sommerhus/wait-times ). Then, on the left, under Jump to Date, you can see your planned day. I wouldn’t go over there super early, because it’s so far from Future World, and World Showcase in general doesn’t open until 11 AM.


Absolutely agree. I just went through the same drama with my Epcot TP where I had to rearrange everything and evaluate because it kept having me wait in longer lines later in the day.

Just want to chip in that real wait times for Anna and Elsa have been much lower than the TP predicted times (like, 15-20 minutes instead of 45) since they opened their Royal Sommerhus in Epcot. It may have to do with the fact that (major spoiler alert!!) there are four A&E pairs meeting simultaneously in four different rooms :smile:

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that’s good to know about shorter than reported wait times. My daugther wants to meet them but i was really having trouble justifying 45 minutes in line.

i’m almost ready to chuck the TP for epcot

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why don’t you publish it?

Don’t do that, make a TP with the attractions in the order you want them and use Evaluate instead of Optimize. Even if the TP wait times are a little off for a couple of attractions, a TP will still give you lots of good information. And you won’t have to spend precious park time trying to decide where to go next (I always feel so bad for those undecided groups leaning over a park map arguing when we pass them in the parks! :slight_smile:)

This right here! Even if the wait time estimates are not perfect, having a list of steps to follow means you know what you’re doing next, and you can just go on and do it, no arguments. That’s real, measurable time saved right there!

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It may have to do with the fact that (major spoiler alert!!) there are four A&E pairs meeting simultaneously in four different rooms :smile:

What?! You mean that three of the pairs at the Royal Sommerhaus are not the real Anna and Elsa? I am so disillusioned.:disappointed:


Don’t worry - the one you meet is the real Anna & Elsa. The “commoners” get the fakes… :smile:


not quite sure how to publish it

“Commoners” meaning those who don’t have a TP subscription, right?


Yeah, you’re a Liner, so obviously not a commoner. You get to meet the real A&E (they’re behind the door to the left… shhh…!)


Trust the Norwegian. They know their Anna & Elsas… :sunglasses:


When you’re in your plan, click the ‘Edit’ button and click next to “Publish This Plan?” and then you’ll just copy the link at the top for your plan and paste it here… we’ll all be able to see your plan but not edit it.

It should look something like https://touringplans.com/plans/1234567

Let’s see if this works - here’s copy of plan

I just switched my Soarin FP for TT. Now it has me wanting for Soarin for 52 minutes later in day instead of rope dropping it.

I would move Soarin’ to the first thing, and Evaluate. But be aware that Spaceship Earth, because it’s the first thing people see, and there’s so many people riding with FastPass, has a big spike in wait times in the morning, then settles in the afternoon (around 2 PM, according to the TP wait times forecast: https://touringplans.com/epcot/attractions/spaceship-earth/wait-times/date/2016-11-14 )

Are you park hopping? The plan has you done by about 3 PM. And you’ve only got one FastPass listed. Spaceship Earth, Living with the Land, Mission: SPACE, The Seas with Nemo and Friends, and Turtle Talk with Crush all offer FastPasses.

40 minutes for lunch, particularly at 11:20 AM, seems too short. There will probably be lines for food that will eat a big chunk of that. My first trip, I made the mistake of assuming we could do a counter service meal in 45 minutes, and it lead to much strife with my party. I would say, budget more time than you expect to use, and then if you finish faster, you’re ahead. Otherwise, something unexpected comes up, and you fall behind.

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