Epcot TP Help!

Will someone please take a look at my Epcot plans? We will be bringing our 2 daughters (6 & 8) and wanted to take advantage of the character meetings but I think my plan is to tight especially since the crowd calendar shows 10 that day. Any suggestions on changes…what to take out. I did list the times characters are supposed to be there to help with planning. Thanks so much, its our first Disney vacation and we are very excited!


Okay I am not as good with Epcot, I was hoping someone more versed in Epcot will help, but I will try and help you.

My first advice it so think of this. I went to Epcot in late October last year. Mulan was one of the only autographs I was trying to get in the world showcase. I showed up about 20 mins early, and I am glad I did , I was second in line, by the time Mulan arrived the line was over 20 deep. So keep in mind how much time you need before the character shows up.

Ok Soarin’ first is great, then maybe you want to do the Land it is in the same building, then I recommend Turtle Talk and The Seas and exploring the tanks before Spaceship Earth as it is so close to the Land, you will save a lot of steps doing it this way. Then Space Ship Earth and Test Track, or switch them if your fast pass time is needed for TT. UK and break all good.

Coming back after break I would skip future world, and just go after the autographs and other things you set up.

Great Thanks I am going to work on that plan now! If the times guide lists is for example 11:30, 12:30, 2:30 does that mean the character will be there from 11:30-2:30 or do they only come out for a few minutes each hour like come out at 11:30 for 20-30 minutes then go in and come back out at 12:30? Does that make sense? We are having lunch at Cinderella’s royal table and dinner at akershus so we might be able to see some of these characters there which will free me up some time however I won’t know until after those meals.

They come out at each time for a certain timeframe like half hour or 45 mins.

HAHA you edit showed up as I was responding!!!

Yes you may be able to skip some due to the character meals.

There is also the character spot in Epcot for Mickey, Goofy and Minne that you can fast pass. Also chip and Dale can usually be found near future world.

I will also recommend you check out www.kennythepirate.com to help give you some tips to make that character interactions better. Chip was very upset at me for calling him Alvin, I had to say I was sorry.

Another fun thing at Epcot is Club Cool, located in Innovations West. You can get free samples of coke products from around the world. A good cool off and hydration stop, for free too.

Also if you were unaware speaking of free hydration, you can get free ice water at any counter service.


@erikapotts where are you staying that you’re planning to go for a swim break? You may need a little bit more time there for travel.

If there a reason that you only have two FPs? It seems as if you could book a 3rd with your plan. Also, you have Soarin, and then you go across to Spaceship Earth and then back. Is that the only time you plan on being in that area?

We are staying at the contemporary, I understand we probably won’t swim…the point of taking a break is to rest. My first thought had been swim break but now I am thinking put our feet up and rest break :smile:

I didn’t pick a 3rd because I just didn’t know what we would need. Any suggestions? I did rearrange some to cut down on the walking, the updated TP is below, do you mind taking another look? Thanks


Have you looked at a FP for your Mission Space? It may not save your time but if the line is actually 30 minutes or more when you get there- it might. Can I also suggest that instead of eating at Sunshine Seasons you eat at WS and then leave by IG, walk to the BC and hop the bus to MK back to your resort. I think in the end it may be less walking across EP, unless you really want to eat in Sunshine Seasons.

Totally agree with the break being “for break time”. I was just commenting in a different thread about this.

A minimum 3 hour break is recommended – the earlier the better.

  • Start early, start strong
  • Break early and long

A little poem for you! :smirk:

Thank you all for your help, I have been about to adjust our TP with your suggestions…leaving for the airport soon, so excited!!

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Have a great trip!! Hope it’s a safe journey and your trip is filled with magic and pixie dust!!