Epcot TP help, leaving in 3 days

We are leaving in 3 days for our first trip to Disney so excited!!! I have made some changes to our Epcot TP do you Disney experts mind taking a look? Thanks so much!


If you are planning to meet characters in the various pavilions, you might want build more time into those stops on the plan. It’s unrealistic to think that you will be able to get through the line and meet the character in 10 minutes or less, which is what all of those stops appear to be in your plan. Also, are you hoping to watch the fireworks from Via Napoli? The restaurant doesn’t have any sort of view, as far as I remember.

We are doing Cinderella’s royal table and dinner at Akershus so I am in hopes to catch several of the characters there so we don’t have to try and catch them at Epcot. My hope is that the ones we have met we can skip at epcot freeing us up to meet some of the others however I wanted to put them in so we would have the info on them on our TP. No we are not planning on watching the Fireworks from Via Napoli, we will go to the Fireworks when we are done. Thanks For your help!

Awesome, it sounds like you have a good plan re: characters. Keep in mind that Mulan, Alice and Mary Poppins are not at either of those restaurants, so you’ll want to make sure that you have time for them.

You are going to have so much fun! Yay first trips!!

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Since you have a 9:20 fp for spaceship earth, do Soaring first, Living with the Land, and all of the Seas stuff, then do spaceship earth followed by test track. Soarin’ is majot popular so since you do not have a fast pass do it first thing. You have until 10:20 to make it to spaceship earth.

Mission Space is next door to test track, I would try and do them together, then you can place all of your focus on autographs in the world showcase. Autographs figure at least 20 mins each.

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Hello. Here are the problems I see. It’s going to be a very busy 10 day, with that in mind…
Don’t go to Spaceship Earth first, by the time you get to Soarin I bet you are looking at an hour wait. Go there first. I know it says 28 minutes on your TP but that is not reasonable for a 10 day. I put your rides into a TP and here is what I would do:

  1. Soarin
  2. LWTL
  3. The Seas with Nemo
  4. The Seas tanks
  5. Turtle Talk
  6. Spaceship Earth using your 9:20 FPP
  7. Test Track using your 10:25 FPP
  8. Mission Space
    It will be quite a walk between TT and France, and I agree with @theredhead, plan 20 minutes at least per character. It will be quite a haul back to Sunshine Seasons as well. Did I mention Epcot is huge? :wink:. I would not want to make the kids go all the way to France and then have to head all the way back out in just an hour. I do understand that you are doing it to fit in the characters so you might not be able to change that. I would finish Future World, eat and take a break, and then hit World showcase. You should have 1 more FPP as well, what is it for?
    Also, your plan in the afternoon in WS has you backtracking which you don’t need to do. The countries are further apart than they appear on the map. Going to China and Germany, and then backtracking to ride Gran Fiesta Tour, and then heading back to America and Italy isn’t a great idea in the surface of the sun heat that is Epcot in the afternoon. Hit Gran Fiesta on the way to China.
    Edited to add: Or what @Jedilogray said. Much more concise than what I wrote. :smiley:

Great thanks I will try to fix that!

Great thanks I am going to see what I can do to fix my TP

Any suggestions on what I should use my 3rd FP on?

What about Mission Space if it fits, if not, do not get anymore as soon as you finish test tract go to a fp kiosk and try to get one for illumninations

remember keep hitting back or go back to see if more options have come up, it can work at the kiosk

Just my opinion


@Wahoohokie and @Jedilogray I made some changes, see if this works. Also I am not set on sunshine for lunch my thought was it was close to the exit and I planed to go back to the contemporary for a rest is that not going to be a long enough time for lunch and rest? If not them I am open for suggestions on Lunch in the park.


I would suggest Mission Space too.

I am liking this much better. Sunshine Seasons will be fine if you are headed out of the park anyway. It is inside and air-conditioned which will feel great. I think you have enough time for lunch and a break, but would probably add 30 more minutes to be sure, so entering the park by 4. Maybe try to get a MS FPP at 3:30, but use it at 4? You should still have time for your character meets since you have an hour after American Adventure before dinner. It’s coming together nicely! I know it seems like a pain to change your plans, but you will be happy when in the park.

Thank you so much for your help!! I am happy to make the changes now!! I will check on the FP

You are welcome! I love making personalized plans for my family. No countdown for awhile so have to live (and plan) vicariously through others.


It looks good. Sunshine seasons in right by soarin’ so keep that in mind as you go to spaceship earth and such for distance. Lots of food choices in world showcase, or back at the Contemporary again. If you choose not to do sunshine seasons.

Something I will mention to keep in mind there are some fountains near journey into imagination that are a lot of fun, the water jumps from fountain to fountain

Also there are FANTASTIC maps that you can download and print at www.kennythepirate.com they have the character spots food everything listed on them. I just discovered them this weekend myself. It will help you a lot.

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