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I was hoping to get some feedback and advice on my 1-day Epcot TP. There will be 5 of us, but the TP is geared towards my 4 year old son (who is under 40"). I’ve made 2 versions of the same TP, one with “relaxed” walking speed and another with “very relaxed” walking speed. In both TPs, we are able to get to all the same attractions, but we just have less “free time” with the relaxed speed. Since Epcot has so much walking, a slower walking speed seems to add quite a bit of time.
Relaxed: https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3825135
Very relaxed: https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3855935

-We have PPO ADR at GG. ADR is at 8:15, but I’ve read other people say if you arrive early you can easily get seated early and be done before park opening.
-Our morning appears to be a little tight if we are going to see the jammitors show, but it’s probably not a big deal if we miss it or only catch part of it. I had a hard time fitting this show in the TP at a convenient time. If necessary, this would just become a “break time.”
-I left an hour for a quick service lunch in Norway or Mexico. Anyone recommend a particular place in that are of the park?
-The last 3 hours before our 6pm ADR at Via Napoli is left mainly for strolling World Showcase. I added some shows on the TP that I thought my son might like.
-Anything I should add or take away?
-I was debating if I keep the Via Napoli ADR or cancel with it being F&W when we go. Thoughts?

Add Sergio in Italy.
Unless the son is scared of juggling, add Sergio if you can. And make sure to be there a few minutes before his show is supposed to start so you can see / hear him arrive.

I liked Jammitors way more than my kids.
The Acrobats were great
Seveur Amusant is great as well.
Sergio is an absolute riot, IMO. No Chance I’d miss Sergio.
I’d bet there’s a youtube video for you to watch him. I think he’s an absolute riot, especially for kids.

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Yeah… your day is a bit overbooked IMHO

#1 - Be aware that just because you are done with your PPO doesn’t ensure you can get on any attractions before park opening. It does happen, but is left to the discretion of the CMs that day + rides / attractions being ready early.

#2 - You have no breaks until you stop for lunch. Someone is going to need to pee, take a drink or get distracted. That’s just real life. You need at least one 10 - 15 minute break before 11am. You also have no breaks after lunch until 3:30pm. You need to place at least one between this time too. If you don’t use it, then you’ll have a cushion of free time. Odds are you’ll need it though.

#3 - There are so many QS / snack options in WS that it’ll really be up to what you enjoy. I don’t recommend Mexico though. I can get better Mexican food at any local TexMex place and I don’t live anywhere in the Southwest. The Mexican restaurants in Epcot aren’t owned by Disney and don’t have the same quality. Personally, I prefer to eat and snack my way around the world when in Epcot especially during F&W!! :smiley:
Via Napoi has amazing pizza - easily the best in all of WDW and really the Orlando area!

#4 - You’ve only given yourself 5 minutes to explore The Seas Main Tanks. This is a giant aquarium. Even quickly rushing through it will take at least 15 minutes and you wouldn’t see much. Plus, you seem to walk way out of your way to go back to this area. I love The Seas, although it’s a shell of it’s 1980s - 1990s glory.

Items I would cut -

#1 Jammitors!! It’s just guys banging on garbage cans. It’s definitely not up to par with a show like “Stomp”. If you happen to be passing by while it’s going on it worth MAYBE two minutes of your time. If you want to see quality drummers go to see the Matsuriza drummers in Japan!!

#2 - Disney Pixar Short Film Festival. You can see these shorts online. The amount of money you are spending to be in the park doesn’t justify watching these at Epcot.

#3 - All the steps 12 - 14. As previously mentioned you crisscross the park just to get back to this area. By eliminating this you’ll have some time for breaks. Unless you want to rearrange stuff so that they become Step 7 - 9. I’m not sure how this would affect the rest of the plan.

I had planned on seeing Sergio, but he’s not scheduled at all the day we are there!

Thanks! Yeah, I kind of knew I was overbooked, but I wasn’t sure what to cut. Thanks for the tips. I cut Jammitors and the Film Festival. Rather than cut 12-14 (The Seas, Turtle Talk, and Nemo), I rearranged things (including switching out my fast passes) and decided to cut Figment & Image Works. I extended the Seas to 30 minutes (15 min. to explore + break time) , and added a break in the early afternoon. I think my TP is a lot better:

Moving those steps is what I would have done too. The plan looks so much better. It;s still a little tight in the morning. So try to be flexible if you need to skip something or a shorter lunch if you are going to do a sit down meal.

Revised plan looks pretty good to me. I would consider moving Meet Anna and Elsa to after you ride FEA. Last fall, we went when the sign said 20 min wait, but it ended up taking 35 mins. If that happens to you, it will mess up your ADR res time and potentially your FP for FEA. Alternatively, you ould leave the plan as-is for now with the knowledge that you may need to adjust on the fly and move the meet and greet if you don’t arrive earlier than the time set forth in the plan.