Epcot Touring Plan review?

Ok, thanks for all the help yesterday with my AK TP. My next one is two days at Epcot. DS5, DD8, DH and myself. End of July trip.

Originally I was going to split this so we did half WS one day, half the other, and fit in FW around that. However, Frozen Ever After FPP threw a wrench in that.

So, here’s what I have:
FW (friday, day 3 of trip, CL5): http://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=1957030
WS (Monday, final day of trip-day 6, CL): http://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=1957046

The WS day seems to be really full to me, but it’s late start, I have TS meals for rests, and it’s the last day after a short/easy day the previous day. I also plan to take the friendship boats from Morocco back to the other side for a rest in walking. I don’t actually expect to hit everything in each country, but added stuff in for buffer time since we’ll probably do the kid activities, or phineas and ferb, etc. This is really the only really long day of our trip that doesn’t have a midday break at least. I

So, anything I should just plan on removing given my kids’ ages? Any other thoughts? Thanks!

I can’t see the FW plan (did you hit publish?), but the WS plan looks good. Given your kids’ ages they may think the movies in the WS countries are boring, but you will most likely enjoy them.

The only real trouble I see here is that you for sure will have a MUCH longer wait than 11 minutes to see Anna and Elsa in Royal Sommerhus… Problem is, touringplans do not have data for the new attractions in the Norway pavillion yet, so the computer is only guessing that wait time.

Thanks, I had it published but pasted the wrong link.

As for Anna and Elsa, I totally meant to remove that when they decided not to FPP that. I’ll remove that now.