Epcot touring plan question

I’m finding myself re-thinking our main Epcot day, and would be interested in any thoughts: As currently planned, we will not do Test Track on our main Epcot day. We are doing Soarin at rope drop after a PPO breakfast at Garden Grill, then doing Future World the rest of the morning (arranged to limit walking), and then a midday break, returning with a FP for Frozen around 5.

We have a rest day in the middle of our trip, and were thinking of coming to Epcot for just a couple of hours on that day to do Test Track and maybe 1 or at most 2 other favorites (we have a FP for test track on that day). We are staying at the Polynesian, and already have 8 day tickets (with 1 day that would go unused if we do no parks on our rest day). Our rest day also includes Hoop de Doo at 4 PM, hopefully some pool time, and an early bedtime. I figure we’d spend maybe 2 hours at Epcot that day.

Now I am considering adding Test Track on our main Epcot day, and making our rest day a no park day with just pool time before our Hoop De Doo reservation. This alternative plan assumes we will pretty much walk on to Soarin after our breakfast, after which we would walk to Test Track with a 24 minute wait. I worry about making that main Epcot day too jam packed, with much more walking, with the stress of the Test Track wait. So I think I’m still inclined to do our original plan, even though I do like the idea of a pure rest/no park day.


A few thoughts…

We’ve gone to the 4pm HDDR, which we really loved. It was less crowded than the later seatings and eating a large amount of food earlier rather than later is nice. That being said, we basically needed to end our daytime activities by 3 so we could make our way to FW. We stayed at Bay Lake. You’re a little further away at the Poly. Not sure what your transportation situation is. Car or Disney?

Are you folks the type that like to spend several hours at the pool? If not, then the Epcot trip could easily be worked in. I guess if you rope dropped Epcot, then went back to the Poly by noon, you’d have a solid couple of hours at the pool.

If that sounds too full of a day, skip Epcot and enjoy the resort & pool. Relax and change for HDDR.

Side note: doing the early HDDR means you could go to a park after dinner for a little bit. You’ll be done by 6.

Thanks, that’s great to hear about HDDR. We’re doing the 4 pm show because we really want it to be an early night after some late nights (for us) planned earlier in the week. When I made that reservation, a second Epcot day was not in the cards, though. We aren’t typically the type of family to spend all day at the pool, although at least part of the reason is that my kids usually get cold within an hour – a problem I suspect they’ll be unlikely to have in Florida in August. But I think (hope?) my kids would find a couple of hours at the pool enough. Since it is our rest day, we will not be rope dropping Epcot, but we have a 10 am FP for test track. We may just do that and Ellen’s Universe of Energy (a sentimental favorite of my husband’s), and head back to our hotel by noon.

I suppose our third option is to just skip Test Track all together – I do prefer the pace of our main Epcot day without trying to squeeze in Test Track, and our rest day would certainly be more “restful” that way.

After HDDR, they provide buses to all the resorts. You’ll be back at the Poly probably by 6:30. Nice and early. That would be a great opportunity to either hang out at the room or explore the resort. It’s so beautiful.