Epcot touring plan advice, please

Is this plan feasible? We are going on a day that the crowd level is predicted to be 4. Going with our two daughters, ages 2 and 5. FEA, meeting Anna and Elsa, and naptime (haha) are our absolute priorities. Is it realistic that Anna and Elsa’s wait will be under 20 minutes at 6pm? Or should be plan to head there at rope drop? We will rider switch soarin, but one of us may stay to ride again with the 5 year old while the other heads back to the hotel with the 2 year old. Any opinions appreciated!

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I don’t think the line has been that long but even if it is 30 minutes you have some extra time there.

I think because you have put in a bathroom break the plan hasn’t allowed any time at all to get from The Seas to FEA? I think it could take more than the entire break time to get there.

And to me 75 minutes to walk round WS with 2 little ones, albeit with a stroller is ambitious. It might be enough time but only if you don’t really stop and look at anything. If they get distracted by anything will that completely throw your plans?

Good catch on the bathroom break! I added a little time in there, and if we are running behind, we can skip gran fiesta.

I would love to spend more time in epcot and WS, but trying to keep this trip all about the kids. Our desire to go through WS is really about using some snack credits strategically, so I updated with exactly which countries we want to visit and what we want to do there. We are not planning to do any characters, movies, or performers. We will also try to re-enter the park by 4pm. At any rate, we will skip Journey into Imagination and/or the WS if we have to in order to get to Norway by 6.

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