Epcot Touring and Fast Pass?

From what I have been hearing, the new frozen ride should be open this summer, and along with that Anna and Elsa will be moving from the character meet and greet at the Magic Kingdom to one at Epcot, add the NEW Soarin’ ride. Does Disney plan to get rid of the Tiered Fast Pass + system at Epcot? and also how long after a new ride opens up, does it take before y’all will have an updated touring plan??



No one has any way of knowing what will happen with the tiers. My guess is that tier one will now have 4 options, Frozen ride, Frozen M&G, Test Track and Soarin’.

Once Disney releases an official opening date I’m sure they will get it updated. Without an actual date though it’s all speculation.

Got it. Thanks!!!

good to get Illuminations the hell away from that tier. Wish it would do that for my trip, even if I can’t have those rides.

Well keep in mind that’s just my guess, I certainly have no inside info lol.

I’m almost certain that the Frozen ride will be tier 1. I’m thinking 50/50 on the M&G being tier 1/2; I can see arguements for it going either way. But no one “knows” yet.