EPCOT touring advice (w/Park Hoppers back)

Hey guys! Question:

What is a better order to do EPCOT for February of 2021-- World showcase or “Furture World” first? We like to do our touring plans in a circle to avoid back tracking. Previous to hoppers returning, I think the general thought was to do WSC first and then hit up rides (with maybe the exception of TT or Frozen) because most people do FW first. Ride wait times had been lower in the afternoon due to this. Since Park Hoppers are back at our time of visit I’m not sure which part of the park will be more crowded at what time of day. Will ppl with hoppers be more likely to head towards the Festival offerings or will they be making the ride times longer, and if so, do you think it will be a significant increase?

Any guesses, predictions or prophesies welcome!


You are right, this still applies overall. If you want, rope drop your favorite first and then save most of FW for later in the day.

If it is a weekend day you’re visiting, Hoppers will be a factor with increasing crowds. But, generally February weekdays will be very manageable.


We are going on a Tuesday to avoid crowds. We are also dealing with the rumored headaches of staying at a Skyliner resort (Pop, 2/6-2/10). I saw a posting from TPBlog back in October that the waits to get to HS or EPCOT have been nuts. especially now that AoA is now open… Def not how the Skyliner operated previously. Still having to remind myself that nothing is “normal” right now sigh. But without busses running to EPCOT from Pop, I think we will take an uber to the front to RD Spaceship Earth and see the new Fountain!

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Not rumored for us. In August, the day we wanted to RD HS from Pop, it took 53 minutes!

We had breakfast at Rivera (a month ago) then took skyliner to EC and it was a looooong line.


We went over Thanksgiving and they actually would not allow people at AoA to get in line for the SL until the time it started operating. This allowed Pop people to line-up early and all AoA had to go behind them. They made AoA guests take buses, which worked out really well. They had them coming in one after another. It was a really well-run system at AoA.

Ugh I plan it on doing this today

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Bring your own shade, if you can. Like an umbrella