Epcot to Disney's Hollywood Studios via bus, 65 minutes

Can this be right? the ferry will be down for refurbishment while we are there and need to switch parks at about 7:30pm

Where did you get this figure?

You can walk out International Gateway and hoof it to HS faster than that. Google claims that is a 24 minute walk. So if walking is no issue, I would definitely do that…



bus times from park to park

Ah. Yeah I think that’s a bit high, but as the above poster says, did you consider walking?

We will be walking now if this is accurate :wink:

It’s really closer to 15 minutes to walk from HS to IG entrance. I have short legs and do not walk fast (though it is with purpose!!).

Geez those times are crazy! 38 minutes for MK to Epcot via monorail! They are obviously factoring some (large) factor of walk/wait times. The actual rides on the monorail for each leg cannot be more than 10 minutes each. But I guess like anything else, if you get stuck that one time waiting 20+ minutes for a bus/monorail, the total travel time will be a killer.


Even with a bus wait, I’m skeptical of that long. We stayed at BW. Walked to either EP or HS but took the boat to go from one to the other. It’s definitely a longer leg from BW to HS. Depending on where you are in EP, walk out IG, and either keep walking or stop at BW to grab a bus the rest of the way?

There is no bus to HS.

I thought there would be while the boats were offline?

Oh. I didn’t see that anywhere. Possibly.

Also info in this thread

The “general wisdom” of park hopping is to allow an hour. That being said, the actual bus ride between EP and DHS couldn’t be more than 20 min or so - unless there is something crazy going on with road construction requiring a long detour.

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I’ve never heard that that were no bus between EP and HS. If that is the case, then you would have to go to a resort and transfer. In that case, 65 min would be accurate. But I don’t know why anyone would take he bus instead of the boat or walk…

Are there buses between the parks? I was looking at a transport map of Disney last night and it didn’t show any, but we have taken a bus from MK to AK, have they stopped this now?

All parks will have bus transportation to AK, as AK does not have any Disney Transit options that are not buses.

When other Disney Transit exists, bus service is often only provided during peak times and downtimes.

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I was referring from BW to HS.