Epcot to Disney Springs

Which is the best alternative to get from Epcot to Disney Springs -

Option 1 - Boardwalk Inn - via ferry or walking, then bus to Disney Springs
Option 2 - Bus to Saratoga Springs, then walk to Disney Springs

(Uber or taxi intentionally not listed.)

I would walk out of International Gateway and go to BC and take the bus from there.

Is BC closer than Boardwalk Inn?

Yes, also to get to the buses at BW you have to walk up the stairs and through the lobby. At BC you walk over the bridge and BC is on your right. You will see the pool in the distance and the slide over the walkway. You walk that way, turn right into the lobby ( before the pool) and then go through the lobby out the door. There is a sidewalk to the buses on the left as you exit the lobby.

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Anything to do at Beach Club? I won’t be getting a kitchen sink! :frowning: There are no ADRs available.

Crews Cup is a great place to stop for a burger or some truffle fries or a drink. It’s a bit farther along in the Beach Club & Yacht Club complex, on the YC side.

There is also a take out window

At Beach Club? I don’t think they allow the kitchen sink thru take out. Is that true?

Sorry- walked into a meeting- they have the mini one only at the take out.

Oh! Try Ample Hills!

Do you prefer the kitchen sink, or the Ghiradelli Earthquake?

Honestly, I love ice cream and I prefer choices available at other places. Ghiradelli’s, Ample Hill or the ice cream place in France all have a higher quality ice cream (in my opinion). There is also the Fountain (at either the swan/dolphin ) that may interest you. Is it Eddy’s ice cream at beaches and cream?

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