Epcot Tier Change?

With Spaceship Earth closed, and Remy coming, is it possible that we could see a current tier one attraction (Soarin?) move down to tier 2 this summer?

Soarin isn’t the popular Fastpass that it used to be, and the only tier two attraction that fastpass is somewhat useful for is Mission SPACE.

If RRC and TSM can be tier 2 so can Soarin.

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Oh no. I didn’t think about this. If our trip is delayed due to prolonged closure of WDW, that means SSE will be closed when we eventually DO go. We were happy that it was going to be open for our trip.

On the other hand, maybe if we are pushed back to August, BTMRR will be open.

Sorry. I’m off topic there, but you just made me think of it.

Anyhow, I could potentially see Tiers changing when Remy opens…but who knows. I’m becoming less confident in my ability to predict what Disney is going to do these days.


…anything, really, at the moment! :laughing:

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I know I’m sad to miss spaceship Earth now!

Maybe. Maybe not. That refurbishment might be postponed for awhile. Especially since it hadn’t already begun, so the ride is still intact and as serviceable as before. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a brief closure to apply a touch-up to the existing attraction rather than a major, months long overhaul. A lot will depend on how much of that project cost has already been paid.