Epcot Tier 1

We will be at Epcot for 4 days (two full days, two short days - arrival and departure days). I am trying to figure out FPP. TT is our favorite ride in the park. But we also enjoy Soarin’. I really want to see FEA. My boys will tolerate it once, but they aren’t excited about it. What do you think would be our best use of our tier 1 FPP? We will happily ride TT as many times as possible, but not sure if I should also do Frozen and Soarin’ as FPP once each? Two days we can rope drop.

Also, sort of stuck on Tier 2. We currently are planning on Mission Space, Spaceship Earth, Living with the Land a couple times each. We really enjoy those rides. Should we also add other FPP instead of repeating? Maybe the Seas?

You could get your tier 1 FPP for TT each day. Soarin and FEA are pretty convenient to do at RD. If plan an early FPP for TT, if it is down you’ll get an anytime FPP. Then you’ll be able to immediately try to book another tier 1 FPP.

For the tier 2, i would schedule them as early as possible to give you a chance for more tier 1 FPP.

That’s how i would do it if TT was the priority and i wanted to ride the others once.


The lines for Frozen weren’t bad before 11AM since the rest of World Showcase doesn’t open until then. We had good luck doing FEA before 11 without huge waits…


Thanks. I think I will get FPP for Test Track and rope drop the other two