Epcot The Land and scooter access

When I’ve been at Epcot in the past, I remember not only a large stroller parking area, but also a wheelchair/scooter parking area outside the entrance to The Land. Are scooters not permitted inside? I have two in my party that will be using scooters that are not otherwise ambulatory and need to know if we should skip this pavilion. Thanks!

My father uses a scooter and has never had any issues accessing the pavilion. There is an elevator that the non-ambulatory members of your party will need to use. I highly recommend that everyone else take the stairs rather than all of you trying to squeeze into it. It’s a tight fit!

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DW used a scooter last trip and no access issues. The only downside is that there is only one elevator and you sometimes have to wait for it. Some people who don’t “need” it for shorter walks may elect to leave them outside to make moving around in the sometimes crowded pavilion a bit easier.

Thank you so much! That’s a relief to know.