EPCOT short visit with 6yo

Heading to EPCOT on Tues 4/26/22 with my 6yo son. We will have been there as a family the day before for the full day (we have a TP : ^ )) My son and I will use EMO and the plan is (assuming I get the ADR tomorrow) to hit Space 220 for lunch at noon and then leave the parks for the day (pool, T-Rex, etc.) He is going to want to go to the play spots and tinker with all of the little things that we as a family may not be able to spend a ton of time on the day before. Looking at hitting the seas area, SE, JII, TT (it will be his fav), and MS. My draft TP is telling me to go to SE first, followed by the seas, JII and then wait a half hour for TT at 11 am !?! That cannot be right- can it? I should RP TT and then go right to MS before park open right?

I’d say so, definitely. My husband and youngest son once rope dropped Nemo - they walked through the entire line, didn’t see a soul, rode the ride, and when they got back to the start there were still no people there and the cast members offered to let them go again without getting off.

I’d agree with TT first, but be prepared for it to possibly break down and you have to pivot. It seems to have trouble in the mornings. I would try redoing the TP the way you want and then evaluating instead of optimizing.

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