EPCOT SE Refurbishment

So, with the announcement at D23 of the 2-1/2 year closure to refurb SE, anyone have any idea when this will start? I have read early 2020 but wondered if anyone had any new info I missed.

I’ve been waiting to hear this too, as I hope to be able to go on it in January. But I don’t think anyone knows yet.

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I had seen a RUMOR ONLY that mentioned 10/1 as the closing date, but I don’t think that is accurate. I have two fastpasses for it at the end of October. Otherwise I haven’t seen any legitimate dates.

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Me too! I really want DD4 to experience SSE before it closes. It poured last trip on our Epcot 1/2 day so we just did Norway/Mexico and skipped our other Epcot plans.

No more Dame Judy I suppose. I am excited for the change. Might miss the smell of mesquite in Rome though,

There was a poster from D23 that mirrored an original Epcot poster from 10/1/82 that said something to the effect of “the next evolution of Epcot begins 10/1”. Wish I could find it. Taken alone, it definitely looked like SE would close on 10/1! But I think they were referring to the exhibit opening 10/1 that will showcase the Epcot renovation. I also have FPP for SE in October (and modified it recently).

This project has been in planning for a while so I would expect that if they are still offering FPP, the ride will be open. That might be the best way to check actually. Get on the Dibb and watch for any “closed” designations!

Amen. Burn baby burn! Not SSE but Rome. Loved the smell. Lying back in the Matrix was wonderful as well. Nope. They just can’t close it. Besides I have not had a chance to spear my first Wooly Mammoth yet.

If it’s 2 1/2 years, they better do it soon. I can probably accept it won’t be open when I go next fall, but I will likely go in fall 2022 and it better be back by then! And it better not remind me of the change from Maelstrom to FEA.

I agree wholeheartedly. Why people wait so long to get into FEA is more than I know. I must be a Norwiegen thing. If they want FEA, try Frozen Sing Alone in HS. So much better. I was rolling on the floor.